Making Accent Walls With 3D Designing Services

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October 20, 2021
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October 24, 2021
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Making Accent Walls With 3D Designing Services
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Are 3D designing services possible for interior wall installations?

3D wall design is a  three-dimensional decorative motif on a wall made from various materials. It may range from different kinds of plastics that can be molded to a contemporary mood, with a unique, captivating interplay of light and shadows.

With the help of 3D2GO interior artists, we have been able to provide superior quality 3D wall designing services to our esteemed clients. Our designing services are executed by our experienced interior designers. They artistically design and impart 3D finishes to the walls according to your specific needs.

Furthermore, we guarantee complete space utilization for our wall designs. No wall is too enormous to hinder our creativity. 

So if you are looking for a vibrant sculptural effect for relief surfaces of wellness areas, reception spaces, and hospitality and commercial venues, 3D2GO can make your interior 3D wall installations possible.


Ways to design an accent wall for homes & offices

A 3D wall adds simplicity and sophistication to any type of interior with its vibrant sculptural effect on an otherwise empty space. 

We know staying indoors due to the pandemic has taken a toll on your mental health. We all need a balance of nature and being inside closed spaces. This is why we came up with some suggestions to add flair to your daily lives inside.

1. Use Bright Colours

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and texture. You can have an accent wall in a bright color or metallics to create a statement in small spaces. 

Alternatively, use the tone on tone interior design technique. This combines different saturation levels of the same color. 

Furthermore, you can also furnish the wall with colorful stripes or geometric patterns, or use stencils to paint a motif.


2. Textured Surface

Textured 3D wall accents form a stunning design feature. It is also a great way to add depth to your interior décor.

We highly suggest introducing texture with:

    • Textured paint – Ideal for easy-to-maintain surfaces
    • Natural stone cladding – Ideal for plush aesthetics
    • 3D wall surfaces 


3. Wall Mirrors

Mirrors, in general, add depth and brightness. It also visually tricks the eye into believing that the space is doubled.

Further widen your space with a 3D accent wall and top it off with a mirror.


4. Wood Aesthetic

The hassle of having to deal with termites is something we don’t want you to deal with. Thus, we can offer your wood-like accent wall with our 3D printing services. 

You may also choose to go with 3D medium density fibreboard (MDF), an engineered wood product, and wall panels. This perfectly replicates the natural look of wood.


5. Wall Art Decorations

Aside from a 3D accent wall, you may opt for an eye-catching accent wall adorned with curios and decals.

Add a painting or a picture frame, et voila!

We also suggest adding such decorations because large statement pieces will create a bigger impact than smaller accessories.


6. Functional Wall

Who says accent walls are only meant for decoration? Your 3D accent walls can also become functional as cabinets for your frames or other decors. You can even have an accent wall that serves as open shelves and instantly have a mini library.


7. Accent Lighting

Lighting is very important, especially for cramped spaces. 

Recessed backlighting can be used to create a dramatic lighted wall statement that is washed in diffused illumination. This can be accomplished by 3D printing scones. Accent lights can also be used to highlight the decorative features of the wall.


8. Vertical Garden

Green walls are a perfect option for city homes, they require a lot of maintenance.

So why not choose 3D printed mock-up plants on your wall? Save yourself from worrying about having to water them regularly.


Get Your Accent Walls With The Best 3D Printer Designing Company In The Philippines!

We are the only one-stop-shop for everything under the 3D scope.

This means that we can also help you visualize your interior space before you start any new design projects.

Play around, consult with others, get new ideas, and more.

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