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Design Capabilities for 3D Scanning Services and SolidWorks 3D CAD

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Design Capabilities for 3D Scanning Services and SolidWorks 3D CAD
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Taking Design to a New Level with 3D Scanning Services and SolidWorks 3D CAD

Technology has allowed us to accomplish so much more after years of rapid development.

The more technological innovations are created, the more possibilities are unlocked, in terms of communication, design and a whole lot more.

3D Scanning and SolidWorks 3D CAD

Before we go any further, what is SolidWorks and how does it empower 3D scanning?

And together, what can it do for design?

With the availability of 3D technology, more and more concepts have been realized over the years, and nowadays, almost every industry has seen growth in research, development and manufacturing through the use of this highly-capable medium.

With the rise of design technology, more and more applications are developed to create more accurate and in-depth design concepts, from creation to production.

SolidWorks 3D CAD is a program that makes use of computer-aided design (CAD) to render three-dimensional models of design concepts.

Released in January 2021, SolidWorks 3D CAD runs primarily on Microsoft Windows, and has been used to create and render solid modelling, beneficial to areas such as engineering, product design and the like.

While modelling is not a foreign or new concept, it has mostly been dependent on 2D technology for the longest time, making use of traditional media.

Now that such high-technology channels are available, modelling has become mostly digital and dimensional over the years, making it more convenient for designers and engineers not only to draft and revise concepts, but to store essential data as well, for future reference.

Designing with 3D Scanning and SolidWorks 3D CAD

While SolidWorks 3D CAD may be new in the design technology game, it’s a promising application when it comes to design.

With the capability of creating models with 3D scanning, the software allows further modifications in a high-precision and, in the premium version of the software, a photorealistic rendering of design concept, further providing accurate modelling.

SolidWorks 3D CAD includes a wide selection of features that cover design, production, and even data storage.

Now that 3D scanning has a new channel for a much more in-depth production of digital models and printing, here are some of the prime features that could be of great use to many different industries.

3D Solid Modelling

SolidWorks, first and foremost, is created for a more high-precision solid modelling.

From engineering, to architecture, to product design, SolidWorks is able to produce solid models from both traditionally drafted 2D concepts, to 3D scanned concepts for a much better visualization of the design.

This is beneficial especially for engineering larger-scale machineries and other devices, as the program is able to create solid models of objects of any size.

Aside from allowing a 3D analysis of data, SolidWorks also allows designers to create a live 3D simulation of the design applications for testing and further study.

Converting 2D to 3D

SolidWorks covers more than just solid modelling. The program is also capable of turning 2D design into a 3D rendering.

For designs that are archaic and obsolete, this is a great innovation. Many modern machinery and devices are either much more novel and upgraded versions, and these original older designs might be used to either recover or reproduce designs that have been drafted through traditional means.

This saves time and cost, as recreating and reproducing digital copies and models of 2D designs will take much less work, manpower and incidental costs.

Rapid Prototyping

SolidWorks 3D CAD and 3D scanning would also be of great use in terms of rapid prototyping.

Now that 3D scanning to design and print is becoming a lot more common and useful to many industries, the SolidWorks program assists in producing accurate solid models for rapid prototyping, which is much more convenient and less time consuming.

With a highly-accurate, 3D scanned solid model available, designers and engineers can mass produce prototypes as needed, with a lot more ease.

For industries such as automotive and electronics, the use of solid modelling saves time and costs in the creation of a digital rendering of the prototype design, allowing them to further their research on prototypes much more conveniently.

3D Walkthrough

SolidWorks aims not just to aid 3D scanning in design and production of tangible materials.

With the program, a digital rendering of areas, rooms and other locations beneficial to areas such as interior design, real estate and tourism.

Designers can now 3D scan plans, drafts and objects essential to a functioning simulation of design applications, and make it more realistic with the help of the SolidWorks program.

With an accurate digital model of infrastructure and interiors, a 3D simulation of the area is possible, which is greatly beneficial in collaborating and marketing in remote settings – especially in the current situation due to the ongoing pandemic – therefore saving costs on travels and creating showrooms and physical models.

Photorealistic Rendering

Design concepts can vary in many different ways. While some areas only require a basic model of their design application, some industries require a much more realistic digital rendering of the design and its features.

For industries such as electronics and automotive design, a realistic model of the designs is needed to see and study in-depth application of the design features.

This is where the ultimate collaboration of 3D scanning and SolidWorks come into play, as 3D scanned design concepts can be further realized/simulated into photorealistic capacity.

This comes especially handy in designing electronic devices such as gadgets, as well as automotive parts and even vehicle design.

3D is Making Design Efficient – And More

Design concepts continue to change as it develops. The more opportunities technology provides, the more design shifts into adapting to the available technology and the needs of the time, as well.

3D scanning is making its way to normalcy as far as design technology goes, providing designers and engineers a more in-depth study and developments of designs that are both for research and for production.

With programs such as SolidWorks, the possibilities are endless when it comes to design and engineering.

Given the current situation of the world, technology seeks to continue to find ways to safely bring everything together.

With such technology available, people are now able to fully experience the convenience and function of design and its applications without having to go through the hassle of travelling and rebuilding full-scale physical rendering.  

3D technology continues to change the landscape not just in design, but in the quality of life and work as it continues to unlock more possibilities as it goes.

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