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Benefits of 3D Scanning for Automotive Sector in the Philippines

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Benefits of 3D Scanning for Automotive Sector in the Philippines
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What are the benefits of 3D scanning for automotive that automakers in the Philippines can enjoy

3D scanning for automotive has opened a lot of innovative avenues for the car manufacturing industry. As this technology helped to create and produce any component such as full scale chassis in high tech materials.

These materials range from nylon, carbon fiber, to Kevlar. In addition to that, it also saves time and money over the traditional R&D processes. This streamlines the design and shortens the production time. 

Due to these advantages, a 3D scanner and a 3D printer are often a staple in vehicle prototype processes, rare parts production, aerodynamic testing and improvements. 


3D Scanner Provides the Following Benefits for the Auto Industry

These are the emerging benefits of using this technology for auto manufacturers, engineers, and designers.


This is fundamental in metrology in which this technology allows efficient measurements. Its metrology accuracy ranges from 20 to 80 microns depending on the device and the object’s size.


Speed measurement often translates in performance and productivity, especially for this sector. A 3D scanner allows the process of digitization and processing in software of any car component reduced in a much lesser time. Speed in measurement also reduces production costs.


Improvements on 3D scanners that hit the market every day are often equipped with increased stability and reliability. Thus you can find one that is suitable for your needs, whether you will buy one or simply will get the services of a 3D company to do the task. 


Modern 3D scanners are user-friendly. This means even an inexperienced user can use and master this device. While on the processing of scan software, you can outsource it to create the CAD model.


Uses of 3D Scanning Services in 4 Automotive Industry Areas

3D scanners are often considered as the best solutions when it coems to price and quality for auto manufacturers. 

This is because it provides speed of measurement, high accuracy of digitizing objects with complex geometry, and user-friendly. 

These are the various benefits of this particular service that is advantageous for this sector. In particular for the following areas:

1. Quality Control

A 3D scanning company can provide you with the ability to check any geometric parameters. This includes both input and output control. As well as metrological control of parts, housing and industrial equipment.

Its main task is to help optimize automotive production as it does not only control automotive components. It also includes molds, tooling, and can perform tool wear analysis.

2. Reverse Engineering

This is possible for automotive components for receipt of design documentation and product improvements or modernization. 

3D scanning Philippines is a revolutionizing technology in the country. As it provides car manufacturers and especially engineers and designers to modify existing products even without drawings. 

This also includes discontinued models or parts and can even upgrade individual parts of the vehicle to bring the updated model to the market.

3. Design and Modeling

This is good for auto-tuning, prototyping and assessment of product aesthetics. It is also used for the production and modernization of shops and equipment.

Also, it doubles the effort to improve on a finished product. As you can compare the results of functional testing or crash with the CAD model as reference. This allows damage and wear analysis. Thus making the necessary and appropriate improvements of the design. 

4. Digital Archiving

This is necessary for the assortment of discontinued parts. This enables storage of digital design copies in easily accessible repositories that are available anywhere.

These stored digital copies enable your company and decision-makers to get a specific picture of the product, predict future production cycles, and for cost reduction. 


How 3D Scanning Philippines Can Help Local Automakers, Engineers, and Designers

As we have mentioned, the Philippines has been starting to utilize 3D scanners and 3D printing in the auto industry. In particular for the following purposes.

Prototype Development

3D scanning enables faster production development as it can transport physical car designs into digital copies. This makes the design accessible and easy to modify when needed. 

Through the use of 3D printing, automakers can produce a prototype within weeks at a fraction of the price. Such speed can help you return to the design board if testing reveals any problems, modify and then reprint for another testing.

Rare Part Replication

The limiting factor when it comes to classic cars is the ability to find replacement parts. Often these parts are too old to function, rusted or even damaged beyond repair. Also there is a little chance where you can find its replacement parts elsewhere which is often costly.

3D scanning and 3D printing allows classic cars enthusiasts to produce rare aftermarket parts that are no longer available in production. Beyond replication, these parts are often modified to meet the current demand.

These improved parts greatly improves the vehicle’s performance without sacrificing its classic appearance and even performance. 

Aerodynamic Improvements

Aerodynamic components are a crucial factor in this sector. 3D scanning and 3D printing enables automakers to create fully aerodynamic car designs. This harnesses the natural environment wherein the cars are subjected into, making it more efficient. 

Vehicle Weight Reduction

Weight decrease in cars reduces fuel costs and manufacturing expenses. As 3D scanning and 3D printing encourages parts to fit together quickly and efficiently. Infusing weight-reduced car components greatly decreases the total weight of the vehicle. Which makes it require lesser fuels and efficient running. 

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As the pioneer of 3D printing and all of its 3D-related services, we are the industry leader when it comes to providing excellent 3D services for the automotive sector. 

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In addition to that, 3D2GO Philippines is the regional distributor of these 3D scanners and 3D printers perfect for enthusiasts and business owners who want to leverage these technologies. We also provide excellent after-sales service to ensure you can get the bang for your bucks. 

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