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Creating A Scale Model Of Buildings With 3D Scanning Services Philippines

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October 19, 2021
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Creating A Scale Model Of Buildings With 3D Scanning Services Philippines
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How 3D2GO Successfully Adapted Laser 3D Scanning Services Philippines.

3D laser scanning is a technology breakthrough in surveying. 

Within minutes, our 3D scanners can fully capture the 3D shape of existing buildings, landscapes, and other large objects. Also, machinery, large buildings, highways, and structures can all be captured by our technology.

The point cloud data obtained from the scan is then converted for use with various 3D CAD applications. We derive precise ‘as-built 2D scale drawings and virtual 3D modeling from this CAD format, which can be used for a variety of purposes in retail, commercial, or industrial property management.


What can 3D2GO’s 3D scanning services do for you?

When it comes to accurately capturing as-built measurements of a large building, nothing beats 3D scanning. If you’ve ever had to create as-built drawings the old-fashioned way, you know how difficult it can be.

This burden can be alleviated by 3D scanning. A long-range 3D scanner can capture an entire facility in a matter of hours with top-notch accuracy.

Moreover, some of the things we can help you with our scanning services are listed below:



Through a process called “scan-to-BIM”, our expert modeling team quickly creates high quality, fully implemented Revit models. 

QA/QC is applied throughout the process, ensuring that you receive the quality result you expect. 

Other formats are available including AutoCAD DWG, Solidworks, STP, IGES, and many more.



With a 3D laser scanning project, 2D drawings can be created in two ways:

  • Create 2D orthophotos or scan slices for direct visualization (see next list items for further explanation)
  • Re-draw over scan sections to obtain standard 2D DXF/DWG line drawings
  • Generate standard drawings from BIM software such as Revit after creating the 3D CAD model



From your scan, we can create a fully immersive 3D architecture virtual Reality walk-through experience that will work with your off-the-shelf VR headset. 



If you have the capability to do your own as-built modeling from point clouds, we can be your field acquisition partner. 

Since we do CAD modeling ourselves, we know how to plan a scan so that you are set up for success in capturing all of the detail that is needed for the 3D modeling. We also optimize the point cloud for modeling to make work lighter and faster. 



Beautiful full-color images can be generated for presentation purposes or to add impact to a proposal. 

Our 3D laser scanner uses its onboard camera to capture color, making these images realistic and at times stunning. 

3D animations and videos can also be created, such as fly-through or orbit videos. It is even possible to create 3D virtual reality experiences. We look forward to helping you create an engaging presentation. 


Common full service 3D scanning industrial  applications 

Being in the 3D industry for years, we have enough experience under our belt. 

We’re not called the most trusted 3D scanning company if not for our wide coverage of our services such as:

  • Plant room and equipment scanning
  • Pipe Installations
  • As-Built Engineering Structures
  • Structural Steel As-Builts
  • Bridges and Tunnel scanning
  • Building renovations and extensions (Existing Conditions Plans)
  • New constructions (As-Built Models)
  • Plant and Processing sites
  • Façade detail
  • 3D modelling
  • Heritage preservation
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Concept visualization


3D2GO, the Philippines most trusted full service 3D scanning provider!

Here at 3D2GO, we offer the best quality scanning services. 

We offer these to anyone in need, especially project managers, engineers, and architects. 

Contact us today!