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Is 3D Printing Fashion Accessories A Smart Move?
3D printing in Fashion

Is this world ready for 3D printing fashion accessories?

Fashion accessories accentuate a person’s overall style. Like a syrup to pancakes, it makes everything look perfect. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, belts, headwear, hand coverings, and neckties add glamour and life.

Even the earlier civilizations have seen its importance. Its earliest version used natural elements such as shells, bird feathers, seeds, and stones. After some years, humans have learned to use metals like gold and copper. Adding gemstones gave more charm to accessories. During this stage, being fashionable means being wealthy. The super rich are usually the best and elegantly dressed. However, things started to shift during the late 1990s and early 2000s — the rise of fast fashion — when more people began to proclaim their love for low-cost fashion, and when the realization sunk in that sometimes, less is more.

But alongside the so-called fast fashion comes the immediate need to sell trends at record speed. One moment, people are going crazy over Pantone-colored attire then the following day, or month, or week, people are head-over-heels again over those animal prints.

In what way could companies pick up with these ever-changing, fast-moving trends?

One possible solution that we can consider is through the use of the so-called 3D printing technology.

3D printing fashion accessories: A beneficial method?

To know if 3D printing fashion accessories a smart move for businesses, let’s dig deeper into its abilities.

With regards to fast fashion, 3D printing might be the best new technology that will aid businesses in producing cheap yet exquisitely designed fashion accessories within a short period of time. This is especially helpful for those who manufacture accessories in huge amounts.

3D printing has the capability to store a product’s information digitally. 3D modelers can create designs based on the current trend by using a modeling software. Through this, businesses can simply push some buttons to start the printing process if they need to add more to their inventory.

The challenge lies, however, on the newness of the technology in this type of industry. Because people are not yet fully acquainted with this technology, and their minds are yet to adjust with its appearance, marketing it might become challenging.

The good thing about 3D printing fashion accessories is its ability to print several samples which they can use when studying their market. Small scale manufacturing allows them to garner insights from a test market without spending or risking too much.

Another interesting idea about 3D printing fashion accessories is its versatility. High-end 3D printers can print both miniscule and huge details.

It can also be used  to create accessories that cannot be easily found in the market. As long as incorporated with the right 3D modeling process, designers can achieve the look that they want. For instance, 3D printing can pull off Lady Gaga-inspired accessories that you can add to 3D printed shoes. It also goes well in creating unique details that can be used as a pendant, a head accessory, or a customized bracelet.

But how about if the business is still hesitating to have their own 3D printer because they are still afraid to take the risk?

That’s where 3D2GO comes in.

3D2GO is a premiere 3D printing shop based in Manila that assists customers and clients from different industries who want to see first hand the possibilities this technology offers.

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