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3D Modeling Used By Aeronautical Engineers

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3D modeling has been a pillar of the engineering industry in every sector. May it be mechanical, electrical, civil, and aeronautical, they are all using 3D modeling in one way or another. It is very useful software for aeronautical engineers.

What is Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace engineering is the field of engineering that focuses on the development of aircraft and spacecraft. Not to be confused with Avionics engineering as it is kind of the same but the latter is about the electronics side of aerospace engineering.

Aeronautical engineering has two major and overlapping branches: aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. Both majors also use 3D modeling for their works and projects.

3D Modeling for Aeronautics

As 3D technology is getting bigger and more recognized by many industries, the aeronautical engineering field is no different. It has been utilizing the said software to improve major parts of planes here on Earth and in space. We have different types of 3D modeling software that would be perfect for aeronautical engineers.

According to Sculpteo, CAD software is one of the best 3D modeling software for this specific engineering field. It is great for the visualization of a project and for analysis. Not only that because it is also great for rapid prototyping and directly for production. Structural mechanics and aerodynamics properties of aircraft are more understood and absorbed better by 3D modeling software.

For 99 Designs, 3Ds Max and MAYA are two of the greatest 3D modeling software. They are great for design and details. Motion graphics can also be done in it. Textures are accurate and very human-like. Parts designed by this software can specify the elements needed for it to work perfectly fine.

There is still more software that is perfect for designing. It is up to the company or an individual as to how they are going to use it efficiently.

Benefits of 3D Modeling to Aeronautical Engineering

  • Quality design – details are very important in aircraft design. Every part is crucial, may it be small or not. This is why 3D modeling was such a precious thing to this engineering filed. As the geometric space and design of aircraft need to be detailed and perfectly design, having 3D modeling is a huge time-saver.
  • Fewer errors – as many software have automatic redrawing, it decreases the chances of inaccuracies. Modelers need not to worry about it unlike before.
  • Time-saver – with 3D modeling, design time is much faster. Engineers will have more time for detailed design as it is easier to make. Also, files are easily saved for future reference and designs.
  • Less cost – as time is saved, so is money. If an engineer is able to design a part of an aircraft efficiently it need not be repeated, hence saving them money.
  • Better imagery – last but not the least is this, better visualization. With 3D modeling, parts of the aircraft could be easily zoomed in and out. The whole aircraft can also be easily seen as a whole by not only the engineer but to anybody who views it.

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