The Best 3D Scanners in the Market Right Now

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The Best 3D Scanners in the Market Right Now
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A Rundown on the Best 3D Scanners Available in the Market

Now that 3D scanning is becoming more common in design, engineering and a multitude of other fields, almost everyone is eyeing its use for more personal purposes.

Contrary to popular belief, 3D scanning isn’t just for manufacturing and research. The technology is becoming more mainstream, and more and more people are availing of the service for both business and hobby.


Getting 3D Scanners – What You Need to Know

Despite becoming more common now than before, 3D scanners are miles different from regular 2D scanners, so it’s best to do your research before you get one.

There are many important factors to consider before you make a purchase, such as the type of project, the size, the object to be scanned and where to buy 3D scanners. 3D scanners have many different types, each offering its own specialty, with some being more in-depth and focal than others.


Every purchase is all about value, so make sure your scanner of choice makes the best value out of your money.

Accuracy and Resolution

3D scanners have different capacities when it comes to accuracy and resolution. More high-precision scanners are more costly than the lower resolution ones. This depends largely on the types of object to be scanned, as objects with more details and dimensions require a scanner with a higher capacity for accuracy.  


The size and dimensions of the objects to be scanned also figures in the type of 3D scanner to be used. Larger scale scanning requires a 3D scanner with a capacity for a wider and larger coverage for a more accurate scanning.


The purpose of the 3D scanner also figures in choosing which kind to get. Some 3D scanners are much easier to use than others, and for a team that is a little less familiar with technicalities could use a scanner that’s easier to use and maintain.

Speed Capacity

For manufacturers that mass-produce models, the speed of the 3D scanner is essential. In industries such as industrial production and manufacturing, a speedy 3D scanner will be more helpful and convenient.

3D scanner prices differ based on capacity and other features such as mobility and ease-of-use. Make sure to do your due diligence to get your money’s worth.


The Best 3D Scanners in the Market

There is a 3D scanner fit for every purpose, be it for business or for personal use.

Looking into being more accessible to consumers, nowadays you can either buy 3D scanners online, have it custom made or purchase from computer retail stores.

Many 3D scanners are now available in the market, and here are a few that’s a serious bang for the buck:

Best for Home and Personal Use: BQ Ciclop

For hobbyists and designers out there, the BQ Ciclops fits right into your home office.

This model is generous in every way. The BQ Ciclops is open source, which makes it easy to modify and edit models and files; it makes use of laser triangulation technology for a much quicker (but not any less accurate) scanning; and it has easy-to-learn function that makes it easier for anyone at home to use.

The Bi Ciclops has a 250mm x 205 mm volume capacity, and can scan up to 0.3mm in resolution. A mix of function, mobility and ease of use makes the Bi Ciclops the best for home use.  


Most Desktop Compatible: Scan Dimension SOL 3D Scanner

The SOL 3D Scanner makes the best value for desktop compatible 3D scanning.

Made for a speedy scan of smaller objects, the SOL 3D is all about detail – offering high precision scanning up to 0.1mm, minus the heavy machinery. Weighing no less than 7 pounds, it’s also the most portable 3D scanner out there.


Most Smartphone Friendly: Phiz 3D Scanner

In this day and age where everything you need is on your phone, almost everything is making modifications to be more smartphone-friendly.

Phiz 3D Scanner makes use of your smartphone’s camera and lighting to scan, making 3D scans that are just as accurate as it is mobile.

Compatible with both Android and iPhone 6S and up, the Phiz 3D Scanner has a resolution up to 0.2mm and a capacity to scan from 50mm3 to 400mm3, accomplishing high quality, low-cost scanning in the convenience of a mobile app.


Best Low-Cost Handheld Scanner: XYZ Full Color Scanner Pro

This 3D scanner is dominating the cheap 3D scanner space, and for a good reason.

Handheld, portable and affordable, the only thing XYZ Scanner Pro isn’t stingy on is versatility. Designed with four modes for maximum coverage – object mode, head mode, full body mode, and mask mode – the XYZ scanner is just as versatile as it is cost-effective.

While it’s not as in-depth, the XYZ does great for a scanner in its price range, going as far as 1.0mm to 2.5mm depending on the mode – not bad for a 3D scanner as portable as this.


Best for Handheld Industrial Scanning: Scantech SIMSCAN

The Scantech SIMSCAN is a powerful scanner that fits right into your palm.

Offering handheld scanning for industrial purposes, the SIMSCAN uses two sets of industrial-level black and white cameras, a 30-line laser projector that ensures quick and high precision scanning for every size.

With a field of view of 410mm x 400 mm and an accuracy level of up to 0.020mm, the SIMSCAN doesn’t just boast of a high-precision scanning for a handheld scanner; made of aerospace-grade aluminum, this is a durable scanner that can withstand prolonged temperatures.


3D Scanning is the Future

3D scanning continues to change the game as it goes. Design, architecture, engineering, fashion- the technology continues to unlock so many possibilities that had been nearly impossible before.

Nowadays, 3D scanners are becoming more mobile and user-friendly, and in the near future, we can expect 3D scanners to be just as common for both business and personal use, just as regular 2D printers are.

3D scanners might have grown more convenient in size and user-interface in recent years, the costs are still something to be considered, as manufacturers have yet to create 3D scanners fit for consumer use, with consumer-level prices.

While you ponder on getting a 3D scanner, you don’t have to put your designs on hold. 3D scanning services are just as common and available, without breaking your budget.

Make your designs come to life with a quality 3D scanning and 3D printing that doesn’t break the bank.

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