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Top 5 Most Portable 3D Scanner Available in the Market this 2021

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Top 5 Most Portable 3D Scanner Available in the Market this 2021
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Let’s take a look at the 5 most in-demand portable 3D Scanner this 2021.


There’s a lot of 3D scanner showing up in the market as the industry continues to explore its possibilities. That’s why it is very easy to lose with a lot of options to choose from.


However, different scanners have different usage for various industries. You can use some scanners for topographic surveys yet you can’t use them for small scale scanning.


Meanwhile, there are some that can capture little objects but not applicable for scanning large areas.


It is the reason that most companies rely on handheld scanners as they can scan almost any object as long as there’s a good lighting environment. 


With this in mind, here’s the list of handheld 3D scanners this 2021. We based the ranking on the affordability, usage, and range of scanning capability.


Handheld 3D Scanner Estimated Price
CALIBRY Handheld 3D Scanner ₱290,882.07
Artec EVA 3D Scanner ₱996,148.73
Shining 3D EinScan-Pro 2X Plus ₱347,142.74 (Scanner Only) 
₱417, 577.50 (Industrial Pack)
ScanTech KSCAN-Magic ₱2,263,974.38
Creaform Go!SCAN SPARK ₱1,911,800.59


CALIBRY Handheld 3D Scanner

Estimated Price: ₱290,882.07

This is one of the most affordable industry grade handheld scanners available in the market. A lot of companies prefer this since they can capture any objects regardless of the size.


In fact, you can scan an object as small as 10cm using CALIBRY. Furthermore, it has the rare ability to scan large items like vehicles or even an armored tank.


This is also an ideal scanner if you want to capture human parts as long as they can stand still for a period of time.


On top of that, setting up the hard is also very easy. You can connect the scanner to any device using an adapter to PC (USB 3.0).


Finally, it has some unique features that can help you during the scanning process. Like the ability to remove any unwanted image from the scanned item during every capture.


Earlier this year, CALIBRY Handheld 3D scanner won the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 in the Product category.

Artec EVA

Estimated Price: ₱996,148.73

Artec 3D has been one of the leading 3D technology solutions since 2007. They’ve been creating numerous innovations in their technology to make it more efficient and easy-to-use.


Artec EVA is their most popular scanner which is popular for many industries because of its multiple convenient features.


The scanner can be an excellent scanning device for medium objects. Some of its most popular uses are in motorcycle wheels and car exhausts. They can also scan human busts and facial close-ups.


Artec EVA captures precise measurements in high resolution due to its light weight and versatile user interface. 


It has a structured light scanning technology. The feature makes the scanner safer to use in any situation. This includes scanning through surfaces with black or shiny edges.


Artec EVA handheld scanner is a perfect device for product design, heritage preservation, and reverse engineering. 


Finally, this scanner can accurately capture a full-colored object at the range of up to 100 cm. Although you might need to invest a lot of money to get one of these.

Shining 3D EinScan-Pro 2X Plus

Estimated Price: ₱347,142.74 (Scanner Only) /₱417, 577.50 (Industrial Pack)

Shining 3D Inc. in China produces different 3D scanners that have various price points. 


However, EinScan-Pro 2X Plus is their most advanced and sophisticated 3D scanner as of the moment. You can use EinScan-Pro 2X Plus as both a desktop or handheld 3D scanner.


It means you can create a more accurate digital representation of any image since you can just put it in a stand. As a result, you can avoid too much motion blur caused by moving while scanning the object.


This scanner uses white light 3D scanning technologies to increase accuracy. This technology also makes  the process faster and creates high-quality scans in record time.


The EinScan-Pro 2X Plus offers a number of key advantages compared to other brands of its Shining 3D Inc. 


For starters, you can use this as a baby 3D scanner for a 3D memory of your child before it grows up.

ScanTech KSCAN-Magic

Estimated Price: ₱2,263,974.38

This is one of the most expensive handheld 3D scanners out there. But the features of ScanTech KSCAN-Magic makes up for its pricing.


For example, it offers a very large scanning area of 1440 x 860 mm per capture. On top of that, its scanning rate records up to 1,350,000 measurements/second. It means you can scan a large area in just a short period of time.


Moreover, it provides different modes for all types of scanning. These include a large area scanning mode, fast scanning mode, photogrammetry and fine scanning mode.


It has both infrared lasers and blue laser technologies. As a result, the KSCAN-Magic can accomplish a wide range of scanning functions effectively.


Because of these features, it can capture a very small object to a large item like plane parts. You can accelerate any projects that you have when you have this one of a kind scanner.


So, if you have a multi million budget, you might wanna try this scanner to make any scanning work easier and faster.

Creaform Go!SCAN SPARK

Estimated Price: ₱1,911,800.59

Another very expensive 3D Scanner, the Go!SCAN SPARK is one of the latest additions to Creaform’s highly regarded Go!SCAN product lineup.


Creaform is one of the industry leaders in Canada when it comes to professional 3D Scanners.


This 3D scanner is one of the easiest handheld scanners to use. All you have to do is connect it with your PC or laptop, install the software and you’re good to go.


The plug-n-play system of Go!SCAN SPARK makes it perfect for big corporations planning to integrate 3D technology in their process.


On top of that, it’s a point and scan technology as well. Meaning you no longer need to plan a very complicated set-up just to scan the item that you want.


All in all, the price of this 3D scanner eliminates the majority of the complications commonly included when you’re a first time user.


Importance of Having a Handheld Laser Scanner

While having a HD and bulky 3D scanner is still important in performing scanning projects for several industries like a lidar scanner, handheld scanners are becoming more convenient to use.


Besides that, the application of handheld scanners becomes equal to what other kinds of scanners can do. And it keeps improving as the time goes by.


To top it all off, the best advantage of handheld laser scanners is the mobility it can bring to your project. Meaning you don’t have to bring the item to the location of the scanner.


There’s a higher chance to damage the object when you transport it. So it’ll be better if you have a scanner that you can carry while moving from one project to another.


3D Digital Scanner Provider in the Philippines

When looking for a company that can provide you with a 3D Printing Service, make sure that they can do it all for you. It is more convenient that the service provider can scan, print, and post-process your 3D printed object.


That’s why 3D2GO is the best end-to-end three-dimensional service provider in the Philippines. We offer several 3D-related assistance for different industries like the engineering and construction sector. 


We are also one of the official distributors of some 3D-related machines like printers and scanners. One of the most popular 3D scanners we have is the Calibry Handheld Scanner. It offers portability which is perfect if you need a go-to 3D scanner.


However, if you need a scanning service then we can also provide it for you. We have tons of scanning assistance like LiDAR scanning, as-built 3D laser scanning, and many more!


Contact us today to learn more about our 3D services.