Different 3D Scanner For All Types Of Scanning

Additive & Subtractive 3D Printing Service
Additive & Subtractive 3D Printing Service
July 2, 2021
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Mini Me Figurines As Useful Robots
July 4, 2021
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Different 3D Scanner For All Types Of Scanning
Different 3D Scanner For All Types Of Scanning

Alternatives with a 3d digital scanner

3D scanning involves analyzing real-life objects. The collected data can then be used for reconstructing its complete appearance with the help of additive technology or other methods. The end result after scanning could be a 3D model. The digital file will undergo CAD software and other modeling tools. Through this, you can make changes to the scanned design.

There are various methods present for 3D scanning objects. One of them is through the use of cameras.

So if you’re thinking of buying an expensive 3D scanner, hold that thought. 

Did you know that you can make use of an ordinary camera? Just add some clever software. As a result, you can have your own 3D scanning camera. No need to invest in new equipment. All you need is a regular 2D camera and some whack techniques. 

Creating a 3D scanner camera from one that takes 2D pictures is possible. The key is angles. Pretty straightforward. Just download an app on your smartphone. Then snap away to your heart’s content. Remember those angles are important. Finally, feed them some special software. And there you have it, a 3D design. 

But of course, there are smaller details to consider. Because you are basically using already existing equipment, there is going to be a need to practice. This enables optimizing the scan. 


Lidar scanner uses

So what is lidar, you ask? 

Well, it stands for Light Detection and Ranging. It is a remote sensing method. The light is being used in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges to the Earth. These light pulses then generate 3D information about the shape and surface characteristics. Lidar-generated products to examine both natural and manmade environments. 

The data collected support:

  • Inundation and storm surge modeling
  • Hydrodynamic modeling
  • Shoreline mapping
  • Emergency response
  • Hydrographic surveying
  • Coastal vulnerability analyst


The perfect laser scanner in the 3D industry

3D scanning makes use of laser line probes. These consist of small laser dots aligned in rows. The laser dots are then projected onto a surface. It is being read by a camera that is already aligned at a small angle to the laser. 

Laser scanning does not provide an infinite number of points but rather a very high quantity. The areas between the dots are not captured. It is because the spacing between laser dots represents the resolution of the scan. The closer the spacing, the better the resolution.

3D2GO uses a high definition scanning technology. As a result, we offer the best quality of scanning services. We offer these to anyone in need, especially project managers, engineers, and architects. They will be able to better visualize the 360 conditions of any facility or site.

This means that we understand the building conditions better. As a result, we can make suggestions for better decisions.

We are able to offer our scanning services even off our site. Our scanner is portable and gives us the freedom to expand our offer to almost anywhere in the country. 

Basically, an aerial survey is a method of collecting geomatics or other imagery. It is being done by using aerial methods such as:

  • Airplanes
  • Helicopters
  • UAVs
  • Balloons 

Typical types of data collected include:

  • Aerial photography
  • Lidar
  • Remote sensing 
  • Geophysical data

Aerial surveys need a sensor. This is then fixed to the interior or the exterior of the airborne platform. It should have a line-of-sight to the target it is sensing.

Here at 3D2GO we also have some of the best scanners by DAVID for when you prefer doing the projects on your own


Hand-held 3D scanner meant to capture objects from 20cm to 10m in length. The name invokes images of Colibri (aka “Hummingbird”) which is known for its small size and incredible speed. It is also consonant with the word “calibrated” – accurate, precise.


Employs the innovative Structured Light technology. It allows precise 3D scanning in a matter of seconds. This scanner is mobile and can be placed easily in front of the surface for scanning. It only takes a few clicks for a digitized 3D model to pop up on the screen. With its speed, you can easily save time even by scanning different angles for a close 360° model. 


The DAVID Laserscanner Starter-Kit Version 2 is based on laser 3D scanning technology. The 3D scanner is delivered with the DAVID-4 software suite.


Drake is a hand-held, portable, and wireless 3D scanner. It can capture almost any object, large or small. The scanner has interchangeable lenses which allow the user to scan any sized object.

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