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How can 3D Designing Drive Your Business to Success

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How can 3D Designing Drive Your Business to Success
How can 3D Designing Drive Your Business to Success

Is 3D designing even relevant in achieving business success?

Every industry faces a unique set of challenges in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. That is why they must create ways to be unique and invite novelty to your process.

However, businesses are missing out on opportunities to create compelling ways to innovate and present their products because of unawareness. They are clueless how modern technology can help drive their business to success.

In this article we will discuss how 3D modeling can help your business prosper. We will also talk about the various software you can use and some tips on how to be a better 3D designer.


How Online 3D Modeling Helps a Business?

3D modeling is already in existence for more than decades now, yet not all businesses utilize it. Why? Part of the reason they are hesitant to incorporate 3D designing to their business is fear. 

We all want successful business ventures. We do not want to make decisions without studying and knowing the benefits of 3D technologies.

So here are the known benefit of 3D design and how can it help your business:

1. Design and concept development

The most obvious advantage of using 3D is that it can help you sell concepts or ideas. By creating or conceptualizing 3D computer generated images, you can offer unparalleled detail and perspective to your project.

Imagine discussing an invention or new technology without visuals. It’s difficult, right? 3D modeling is an amazing tool to help you stand-out among the crowd.

You can also combine it with 3D printing to create an actual prototype of your idea. 

2. Making a space perfect

3D designing is perfect for engineers and architects because it can help realize space.

Blueprints are a little old school now, when it comes to actually building something, professionals now prefer 3D modeling. 3D computer generated images can help relay information clearer to anyone. 

In building spaces, 3D is very handy as it can create even the smallest detail out there.

3. Creating innovations

3D modeling really shines when it comes to product designing and packaging. Back in the days, manufacturers spend hundreds of pesos just to test their creation. They make prototypes of items out of drawings and assumptions.

It is impressive, but it is costly.

3D modeling allows you now to check the capacity and functionality of your innovation using simple 3D computer graphics. It lets investors and decision makers feel confident without really breaking their bank accounts.

4. Presentations and branding

Whether you want to animate your logo or create a compelling presentation, 3D designing can make it possible.

Product presentation and branding are the pillars of a good firm. How can we recognize Facebook if it got corny designs? You can make your company look big and high-tech by adding 3D elements to it.

5. Trade show booth design

Trade shows are a good way to let people know about your services. Although, how can they figure out what you can do if they cannot understand your booth design?

While 2D sketches is a band-aid solution to this problem, a 3D render of your space works better. You can visualize the appeal and design better with 3D modeling.

Amidst the pandemic, organizers cannot really hold physical trade show booths. But some innovators found a way to still make trade show booths relevant by using the internet and VR.


3D Model Maker Online and Various Software

Behind every great design is a reliable and trustworthy software.

Here are 20 computer software we are confident that can help you with your 3D designing journey.

For Beginner’s Use For Expert’s Use
3D Slash ZBrush
Moment of Inspiration (MoI) ZBrushCoreMini
SketchUp 3ds Max
TinkerCAD Cinema 4D
Blender Poser
Designspark Mechanical Rhino
LibreCAD Fusion 360
Meshmixer Inventor


Creating a 3D model starts by connecting and manipulating points together to form a mesh.

One of the first steps you need to do, to create a 3D model, is to collect several photos. Pictures or illustrations of all of the angles of the object are necessary like the front, back, top, bottom, and right and left side views. 

The reason for this is that it helps to capture every detail of a 3D model to make it look realistic.

After providing the set of photos, you will need to start working on the shape. It usually begins with a cube, cylinder, or any basic shape. By using different 3D modeling tools, you will be able to shape it in any way your want.


Characteristics of a good 3D Model Designer

It is not enough to have the right software, the proper tools and the correct vision to have a successful 3D designing experience. You must also have the right people to jumpstart it.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to be a great 3D graphic designer. Besides skills, a person must have the right characteristic and mentality to create outstanding work of art.

If you do not want to get somebody else to do 3D modeling, you can always do it yourself. If you want to try your hands at 3D designing, here are ten great tips for you:

1. Choose the appropriate software per project. 

There are plenty of ways to convert images to 3d models online. There are also open source software you can learn from, for free. The best is of course the one where you find both comfort and functionality.

2. Understand the software

Take advantage of the technology and watch as much tutorial as possible. You will be surprised to see new techniques and tips to help you get out of trouble. Read forums and manuals, as well. There is no shame in wanting to know more.

3. Start simple

We understand that you want to make complex objects already but learning 3D design is the same as reading. You learn by identifying letters and words, then structure and context. Take it one step at a time. Start with the basics like a triangle, pyramid or cube. Once you master the basics, you can proceed to more complicated shapes.

4. Patience is virtue

Avoid being impatient, as what we have said before there are no shortcuts to be a great 3D graphic designer. To achieve success, teach yourself to be patient. Building skills take time. Giving up halfway, will not take you where you wanted to be in the future.

5. Experiment

Have some fun with 3D modeling. It is a fun activity and skill to learn, so experimenting with it is imperative. You can learn a lot by testing different techniques and tools.

6. Set Goals

Setting both short term and long term goals are accepted when you start 3D designing. Set timelines to learn new tricks so you become more confident and comfortable with the software you are using. Goals also keep you motivated to achieve what you want to create.

7. Lighting is everything

If you want to 3D design for graphic arts, lighting should be the first lesson you should know. Lighting can make a 3D design look solid and full of life. If you want to make realistic objects, focus on giving it the perfect kind of light. 

If you prefer a professional 3D designer instead, you can always give your 3D provider a call to arrange a partnership. 


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