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What Are the Major Advantages of 3D Printing?

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May 30, 2019
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June 6, 2019
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What Are the Major Advantages of 3D Printing?
Advantages of 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing popularly known as 3-dimensional printing keeps on surging into the mainstream market. Businesses and consumers alike, along with the leading industries, have embraced the technology with a hugely positive response.

This process of making physical three-dimensional objects from a digital model became an essential factor in helping key industries achieve immense progress in their respective fields. 3D printing is definitely one of the latest advancements to follow in the 21st century given the fact that its popularity in the consumer market is soaring high. What really entices people to opt for 3D printing? Here are the major advantages:

Fast Production Process

Compared to the conventional method, 3D printing is basically faster. It’s a stallion versus a buffalo – speed-wise. Both can run a given distance to the finish line, but there’s a significant difference in their travel time. Picture this idea. The traditional manufacturing methods may eat up a couple of days or more from prototype fabrication to finish product while with industrial 3D printing equipment, it may only take a few hours to create the object.

A great example of this is when doctors are making the prosthesis. Traditional prosthetics take months to make while 3D printed ones will take weeks to a month to create. Another example is 3D printed architectural models. When building a traditional one, it would take weeks or even months to perfect the details. It would also take many people to make it. But with 3D printing, it’s the modeler and a printer.

Different Materials – Over hundreds to choose from

Combining two different elements to create a new good one is the basic concept. On the other hand, mixing two different raw materials before can sometimes be tricky and impossible because of the expensive costs of the procedure, especially if it is intended for mass production.

But now, technology has broken the limits and ended the dependence of 3D printing in plastic materials alone. Today, you can choose a hundred types of materials such as metals, glass, ceramics and a lot more. Most of these are very tough and can resist high temperatures.

Waste Reduction

Talk about wasteful process, metal, and plastic manufacturing. Generally, these are the top wasteful process with a lot of excess materials. Did you know that up to 90 percent of the materials used in building aircraft normally goes to waste? Now that’s a huge figure.

However, with additive manufacturing, it creates similar objects using less energy without putting out a lot of junk. Occasionally, 3D printing’s finished products can be up to 60 percent lighter without compromising durability. With less waste, more money is being saved.

New Ideas and Innovative Structures

The additive manufacturing technology allows more creativity without the hassle of molding and cutting to achieve several types of shapes and structures. A 3D printer can easily produce intricate figures which are only restricted by the designer. It will practically print what you have inputted in the 3D file, the exact size, amount, and figure.


Simple –manufacturing is cheaper. 3D printing helps businesses lessen their manufacturing expenses allowing them to save up to 70 percent of their money. This is achievable through reliable and cheaper raw materials, lower shipping and packaging costs. The end result is always big profits.

No wonder why 3D printing is making its way through various industries and creating a huge impact. With these advantages, 3D printing is becoming the preferred tool for promising businesses.

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