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Advantages of 3D Printing for Product Mass Production

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3D printing is known for its customization and speed advantages. These days it is being used as a tool for prototyping and iteration of designs for faster production with more thought process on design. It is doing what people thought about 3D technology, revolutionizing companies and their work. Mass production 3D printing may not be as impossible and hard as engineers once thought of and it is making meaningful changes in the manufacturing industry.

This 3D printing advantage is beginning to be utilized as 3D printers not only a prototype but also manufacture tools and molds used for ‘traditional’ manufacturing. It then became possible and economical, in some cases, to utilize mass production 3D printing in the business.

There is a trend within consumer markets as to how 3D printing technology is being used. Not only big firms are able to enjoy its advantages but even the consumers at home who are often called hobbyist, are enjoying I too.

Ideas are developed and created faster with 3D printing technology. Being able to 3D print a concept the same day it was designed, speeds up the development process from what might have been months to a matter of days. This advantage helps companies stay one step ahead of their competitors.

It is easier to spot errors and mistakes in design and production with the help of 3D printing. With the help of 3D technology, tests are easier to conduct and new discoveries will be easier to come by. It will also be easier to create solutions to the problems that will arise in the middle of design or production. Because of that, everything will be less expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, the products will be cheaper in the end.


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Saving Money And Time With 3D Printing

Not only does 3D printing will help save money by reducing errors, it also saves money through cheaper parts and production expenses. Furthermore, using 3D printing for mass production is going to be more resource-efficient. According to an article from World Finance, “Whereas the traditional supply chain relies on the efficiencies of mass production and requires a high volume of assembly workers, additive manufacturing needs little more than the necessary raw material to fulfill anyone order and the necessary blueprint to produce it.”

Customization, personalization, and making a product entirely unique is just the top of the iceberg when it comes to 3D printing advantages. Mass produced products can still be customized and tweak to fit a customer’s needs and wants. for example, with medical prosthetics and dental industries, they use entirely customized things. Meanwhile, with fashion and jewelry, it can be mass produced and customized at the same time.

Mass production 3D printing will definitely be a thing in the near future. WIth all the digital trends like art and design, the possibilities for 3D printing are endless. Almost everybody and anyone with a 3D printer can make anything that they want. After making the design and drawing it using the computer, within just hours of half a day, the concept, idea, dream, or invention a person thinks of becomes a reality.

Diverse, innovative, and unique products can now be made through mass production 3D printing. It will not be like the traditional and conventional machines that only work with the initial design and process one has made to do it. More importantly, there will be less waste, more local products, and smaller companies and firms that want to enter the market and fight the big capitalist companies over. It will be a whole new world once people realize the capacity of mass production 3D printing.

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