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3D Modeling As Used In Various Fields

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3D Modeling As Used In Various Fields
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3D modeling has revolutionized a wide range of fields. In fact, citing one field that has not benefited from this process in some way is hard to do. 3D models are everywhere and have the capacity to thrive even in a third world country like ours.

Here, we list just a few of the fields that depend on 3D modeling:


A field that heavily uses 3D modeling is architecture. Some even say that 2D drawings may just become a thing of the past due to their visual limitations. Now, when architects intend to create more intricate designs fast and more efficiently, they turn to 3D modeling. Images speak volumes, so if you have a finely crafted model or 3D drawing to present to clients, you are able to communicate your ideas better en route to a closing a sale.


Engineers benefit from 3D modeling as much as architects do. It allows them to save time and money, and avoid costly mistakes. Like buildings to architects, 3D modeling enables engineers to test the stress factors and tolerances of a product or component. This isn’t much of a luxury with 2D CAD. It is also the reason why 3D modeling is used around the world for designing everything from a pair of sneakers to large vehicles.


It doesn’t come as a surprise that 3D modeling is used in manufacturing. When a new product finally reaches the production phase, you know it has gone through a strict procedure that includes planning, stress tests, product improvement, and more. This is made possible by 3D modeling. Whether it is reverse engineering or conceptualization, designers and manufacturers rely on this amazing process.


This one is pretty obvious. From specific props to entire sets, 3D modeling has vastly touched television and film. You see it when a superhero is scaling up a building or a giant monster is invading the city. Interspersed with live action, it creates an astonishing special effect that could make for a film’s highlight. Anyone who doesn’t know about 3D modeling would be surprised in the fact that it’s being used extensively in Hollywood, and not just in movies that are rich in special effects. That’s because it’s also utilized to add texture to certain scenes.


The field of gaming is ever evolving. Year after year, game developers find ways to create video games that are more realistic. You know they are successful the moment you pop a game into your console. The characters look real; it almost feels like they will pop out of the screen any moment.

Health Care

Today, 3D modeling is used more extensively than ever before in the field of healthcare. It is utilized in everything from dental implants to prosthetics. With the necessary CAD software, one can generate a 3D model and practically reduce several trips to the doctor to just one appointment. In addition, 3D models can be used as study materials for medical students and reference materials for doctors.

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