How 3D Printing Services Can Become A Profitable Business For 2022

DIY Vs. Professional Service For 3D Printing Low Volume Productions
October 15, 2021
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What You Gain From The Cost Of 3D Architectural Designing Services
October 17, 2021
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How 3D Printing Services Can Become A Profitable Business For 2022
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What is the future of 3D printing services?

We frankly believe that the future of 3D Business will be brilliant. But this is just our belief, so better look at some data. 

First of all 3D printing is considered one of the fastest growing manufacturing technologies. During the last 5 years the value of the 3D printing market was increasing every year on average nearly 25% annually. According to many forecasts, 3D printing will develop even faster in the following years. 

In the past years, several well-known large brands have dropped products made partly using 3D printers:

These are just some examples of 3D printing becoming increasingly popular and entering new realms of life and economy. But the increase in the popularity of 3D printing can also be seen in many other places.


How to Make Profit From Premium Quality 3D Printing Services In 2022

3D2GO offers a few profit-making ideas that can help you to develop a simple DIY setup for 3D printing for businesses that are just starting or expanding. 

Even if you don’t follow the exact same thought, then at least let these ideas spark your imaginative direction to make and sell with our 3D printers.

Fashion Accessories

3D printers can be used to create fashionable products such as rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, phone cases, and lots more. 

Manufacturing ornaments from 3D printing is easy and fast. As the rings or hoops are small and lightweight to produce, you can try making them at home even if you are a newbie. 

All of these fashion accessories made by 3D printing have a high resale value as a form of jewelry. If we talk about rings, rings can be worn by both men and women as stylish items. 

However, it is essential to take care of the materials you use to make such ornaments because of potential skin sensitivity.

Household Items

Everyday household items such as cups or vases have a vast market. These types of products are common and have mass-market appeal. 

With the help of 3D printers, you can make many quirky or sober designs. They are easy to create and look fantastic. Some experts believe that these products may not get the best selling price, but people love to invest in them. Printing cups or vases can be revolutionary. 

Even if your customer has a particular taste or design in mind, you can try to create that with the 3D printing without the steep price tag. However, you have to make adjustments to the design of the 3D printed vase items depending on the size of the printer.

Product Mockup

You can use 3D printers to make money and earn profit by helping other designers and SMEs. 

Product mockups are a must for design professionals and students. This target audience might be so busy due to their hectic schedule that they can’t spare the time to create an actual prototype. 

A 3D printer can solve this problem, and you can become their savior by investing in such printers. Bring creative creations to life and sell at a good price. 

This business model can create magic if you use proper techniques and the best technologies. In-depth knowledge of design, coding, and technical skills is required to take on this 3D printing endeavor. Also, do not compromise with the material as mockups should look perfect.


Hire 3D2GO Professionals For 3D Printing for Consumers/End-users

Using 3D printing can be a great asset, no matter what your sector. Indeed, it can help you on many levels, that is why more and more 3D printing businesses are appearing on the market. 

We know firsthand how hard it is to set up a business. 3D2GO not only serves as an example, but are also willing to extend a hand to help you.

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