3D Printing in Fashion is Changing the Industry

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Useful Application Of 3D Printing In Housewares
October 27, 2021
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October 29, 2021
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3D Printing in Fashion is Changing the Industry
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Being Fashion Forward with 3D Printing

While it’s been common to use 3D printing technology in areas like interior design and medical modeling, it’s use in fashion design is still quite new.

3D printing has been unlocking many possibilities in design since it’s conception. From transforming interior design by making simulations and modelling more accurate, to creating medical models that closely mimic organs, tissue and even actual surgeries, 3D printing continues to revolutionize design and its purposes.  


Beyond Design

Aside from making never-before-seen patterns and concepts possible, 3D printing for fashion is changing fashion beyond design. By paving the way for more accurate modelling, designers can now create prototypes of clothing with new concepts with more than just design elements at play. 

3D technology allows designers to create clothing that is sustainable as it is fashionable, adding the proposed material into the draft of the design.


Making Wearable Art

Fashion is as diverse and colorful as its applications. While ready-to-wear designs can be made more functional and sustainable, it also opens up more possibilities for fashion wearable art – a subset of haute couture fashion.

High-fashion includes over-the-top, artful concepts, which are now made possible and convenient through 3D Printing. 3D printing for fashion has now created an avenue for designers to create more artful designs by making geometrical patterns and prints more possible and easily customized through this technology.


More Designs = More Demand

Aside from design factors, 3D printing for fashion design creates possibilities in the business side of the industry. 

In an industry that often changes through following and creating trends, designers are always on the lookout for the freshest, most unique concepts that on its own can launch a whole new style – which also creates new opportunities for profit.


3D Printing in Apparel Design

3D printing has opened many opportunities in apparel – from design, to functionality, to profit.

Aside from making a lot of designs available, 3D printing and modeling has also improved the quality of clothing in more ways than one.

Fashion has been tagged as an industry that produces more waste than some. While pleasing to look at, many designs make use of materials that are not as environmentally-friendly.

With 3D printing, socially-conscious designers are producing clothing that are sustainable and regenerative by going for textiles and materials that are eco-friendly. 

Many major brands have taken this initiative, and fashion trends nowadays are all about sustainable clothing in every style.

Mention 3D printing in the topic of fashion and people always think of wild but seemingly uncomfortable clothing. While this is a common impression, it’s not always the case.

3D printing can now be used on creating ready-to-wear clothing for everyday use. With practicality, functionality and comfort as the main goal, 3D printing now allows designers to draft designs that cover all three without compromising wearability.

For ready-to-wear apparel, airy clothing is seeing a spike in popularity nowadays, not just for active clothing but in casual and formal clothing, as well. 

3D printed gowns, outerwear and appliques are also dominating high fashion as a showcase of the designer’s ability to innovate.


3D Printed Accessories and Wearable Technology

Fashion isn’t just about clothing. Accessories also play a big role in style. 

With 3D printing, different styles and patterns for accessories using geometrical shapes and over-the-top artful patterns are now more popular than ever. 

3D printing fashion accessories such as beads, pendants, earrings, and pieces of jewelry as a whole, in more adventurous and artful designs continue to be immensely popular in current fashion. 

The more risky and wild, the better. Minimalist accessories seem like a thing of the past due to the wide range of designs making rounds in the market. 

Aside from making (and breaking) an overall outfit, accessories are more than just additions to a look. Nowadays, in the rise of wearable tech, designers are maximizing the functionality of accessories.

From key fobs and other smaller digital devices like smart watches, accessories serve a bigger purpose than making outfits seem more interesting – it’s all about wearable convenience. 

3D printed smart watch straps in attractive designs, as well as necklace chains for digital locators, and – in the current situation of the pandemic – air purifiers and face masks are also fast becoming a fashion statement.  


3D Printed Bags and Smaller Storage Goods

In a fast-paced world that values both convenience and aesthetics, accessories like bags, wallets and luggage have been greatly improved by 3D printing.

3D printed bags with bigger compartments, built-in organizers and charging ports for mobile phones are slowly gaining popularity, along with laptop bags with a sleek design but a surprisingly spacious interior. 


3D Printed Shoes and Footwear

In fashion, shoe design has always been the most innovative. Constantly pushing boundaries of design, shoes have gone from a simple, comfortable piece of clothing worn for safety into an accessory all on its own.

With this technology available, shoe designers for both sports and fashion can create more adventurous concepts designs, and even revive iconic styles, but with the sharper, more functional designs of the modern times. 

Sports footwear continues to be popular, due to the rise of high-end sportswear and streetwear worn casually. 

Sports footwear, being one of the first types of fashion design to adapt 3D printing in their design process, continues to create designs that are comfortable and still fashionable enough to flaunt.

While 70s style block heels, 90s Birkenstock sliders and other vintage styles are making a comeback, the revival versions are much in a much newer, fresher style. 

3D printing allows shoe designers to recreate iconic shoes designs that are faithful to the original, but with modern sleekness and comfort. 


A Big Leap in Fashion

Now that 3D printing is becoming more and more available to many areas around the world and to many industries, it will continue to open more possibilities in terms of design and fabrication.

The fashion industry is constantly changing. Jumping from one trend to another, it’s an industry that is constantly evolving, constantly on the lookout for the most innovative, and in turn, most profitable concepts.

Just as 3D printing is changing the game in architecture, engineering, medicine and design, all in all, it can take fashion – the boldest application of design, yet – into new heights, allowing fashion designers to push their creative limits and create stylish designs that are just as functional as they are beautiful.


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