How 3D Designing Services Are Innovating Fashion Trends

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How 3D Designing Services Are Innovating Fashion Trends
3d2go image banner How 3D Designing Services Are Innovating Fashion Trends

When Fashion Meets 3D Designing Services

3D technology is an emerging sector that is being embraced by different industries. It does not only improve the shopping experience but also simplifies the working process.

Some of the most common applications of 3D technologies are:

  • 3D modeling 
  • 3D printing
  • 3D visualization
  • 3D display 

All of these applications have their embedded origins of fantasy where a number of professionals such as high-end designers have been experimenting on.

From Chanel’s paradise couture to Dior’s dramatic circuses, this industry has proved to possess an incomparable ability to tap into new concepts of aspirations and escapism.

The biosphere of digital 3D designs is evolving and aligning itself with the continuously growing demands for advanced technologies. 

Each day you can see a new 3D modeling software pop up. It usually comes with various features and advanced Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality tools available to serve all kinds of demands.


A runway is the new 3D technology playground

The most significant leap the industry has taken so far in implementing 3D design technology seems to be in the form of Shudu.

Shudu is the world’s first digital supermodel. She is not just an avatar ruling the catwalk in a local online fashion show. 

Her big break came when she appeared alongside real-life superstars on the 2019 BAFTA awards’ red carpet. Appearing in a floor-length yellow gown designed by Swarovski on a massive screen, Shudu was flawless with her fluid movements and lifelike expressions.

Unlike other supermodels, however, she only exists in the digital world. She has been featured in various magazines and high-fashion campaigns too. Shudu is a hyper-realistic avatar that sets an example of how 3D technology can shape and influence the fashion industry.


The role of 3D design in textile engineering

3D technology is a merge of virtual reality software applications laden with scientific models within the CAD systems.

The customizable digital ambiance allows designers to accurately validate the drape of the virtual prototype of their designs. 

A particle-based garment model incorporated within the dynamics of Newtonian physics is used to simulate the actual texture and shape of the garment.

3D CAD software comes in handy with features like:

  • 3D design creation
  • Automated estimation of cost
  • 2D sketching
  • File management
  • Photorealistic performance
  • ECAD/ MCAD collaboration
  • Reverse engineering 

Textile engineers around the globe are adopting advancements in design techniques which have been a savior during the state of worldwide chaos. 

3D designing is being embraced by frontiers of the fashion industry as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to thwart the conventional means of fashion display.

The ability to create fabric designs while digitally visualizing the final product design in real-time provides the designer with exceptional ease to scale the measures of repetitions and design engineered prints.


Create fashion statements with 3D2GO!

3D CAD technology has come as a benefit to product engineers and developers. It has accelerated the speed of creating tooling models, prototype generation, marketing, manufacturing as well as patenting. 

Through the extensive online world, we can explore more kinds of growth with just a few clicks.

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