Amazing 3D Printed Corporate Giveaways For Business Branding

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October 8, 2021
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October 10, 2021
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Amazing 3D Printed Corporate Giveaways For Business Branding

Turn Everyday Objects Into 3D Printed Corporate Giveaways For Business Branding

3D printing technology is based on the ability to see everyday objects with two eyes or from two angles. And viewing these everyday objects from different angles can become something original and unique. 

Additionally, you could turn to modern technologies and turn everyday objects into 3D printed giveways. You can produce unique, non-standard products like toys, clothes, shoes, car parts, and even edible products. 


3D Unique Giveaways For Corporate Partners And Meetings

With the appropriate choice of 3D printing gifts, you can easily promote your brand in conferences, meetings, exhibitions, and even at offices.

These customized 3D giveaways are undoubtedly the best way to attract attention. They remain in memory and contain information about the company’s brand or something related to its activities.

Looking for some 3D corporate gifts? 3D2GO lists down some corporate gift ideas we can 3D print for you:

  • Desk Organizer – Customize it with different colours like black, white, grey or punchier colours. 3D printing will help you win clients’ interest.
  • Tablet or Phone Stand – Practical, functional, and great for productivity, which is a fresh way to put your brand on display.
  • Phone Case – Phone cases with the brand’s logo and wordmark are the perfect form of a factor to engage the customer towards your business.
  • Glasses – With a high-quality finish and numerous choices of colours, you can order these glasses according to your preference.
  • Jewellery – You can offer high-quality jewellery for any occasion to your favourite ones in the company or any guest in the event.
  • Shoes – A pair of shoes could be a great present. 3D2GO makes sure that the gift should be useful and original.
  • Bag – When designing corporate bags, think about using bold colours to make them stand out and be strong. Printing the logo of your company in a way so that it is visible at a distance. Kinda like those designer brands, right?
  • Earbud Holder – Earbud holders with 3D printing are quite common. Plus, this can really protect the earbuds. Thus it is also useful for your clients.
  • Mug – You can offer mugs to your employees by writing anything about them and design them according to your brand.
  • Watch – Offering a 3D printed mechanical watch will motivate your employees to work hard and stay in touch with your business in regard to take it to the next level. You can print the parts in 3D so that you will be able to assemble them.


3D print your 3D model giveaway with 3D2GO!

Today, people are expecting insanely unique things to have. The norm is such a thing of the past. But also, people want something that is useful. Something that they can display and match the aesthetic they have but still maximize it by having it useful for their daily life. 

3D2GO aims for what computers did for documents, audio, and video — make them sharable without having to manufacture, package, and ship them. 3D printed objects will be modest at first. But we’ll quickly advance to the seemingly impossible.

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