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5 Awesome and Unique Party Favor Ideas for Debut Celebrations

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March 6, 2018
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March 9, 2018

Debutante balls are a popular tradition for young ladies. Each year, thousands of young ladies across the country are formally introduced into high society. Almost every country has a variation of a debutante ball or a cotillion ball. The events are not always formal but most young ladies wear a lovely ball gown and is presented by her father.

On special occasions, themes are added and applied to each birthday parties. There are those simple debut birthday celebrations with simple themes. For most parents and celebrants who opt out the celebration itself, they need not think of things to arrange. But for those who love parties and dresses, 3D printed party souvenirs are the perfect gift for your friends and family to cherish.

So let your guests know how much you appreciate them by sending them home with a gift reminiscent of the party. Check out these five awesome 3D printed party favors you can give your guest during your own debutante party!


#1 Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose

image from Mirrored Line Props



Give your guests the best gift reminiscent of Disney’s classic movie “Beauty and the Beast” with this 3D printed enchanted rose. They will sure to remember that time when waltzing your way through the night with magical fondness.


#2  3D printed washi vases

image from brit.co

These little vases are perfect giveaways for all occasions! You can easily 3D print them and give them as they are or plant succulents or air plant in them for an environmentally friendly and forest fantasy feel.


#3  3D printed Domo bottle opener


You can make your 18th birthday party celebration memorable without being too frilly. Tease your friends and family with this cute 3D printed Domo bottle openers. These party favors set the mood for a fun occasion everywhere you can think off!


#4  3D printed candle holder

image from YOYLO.com


Nothing says elegance more than this 3D printed candle holder. Give them as they are or add scented tea candles to give a fragrant chic mood. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this classic party favor!


#5  3D printed keychain key

image from Thingiverse


Love is an open door and you can also let your friends and family open new doors with you thanks to these 3D printed keychain keys. Not only are these party favors nicely to look at they are also practically useful.

There you have it – some of the awesome 3D printed party favors that we recommend for birthday debutants. We do suggest to you give them a try. Or better yet, visit 3D2GO and talk to us about designing your own party favors.