3D2Go Reverse Engineering & Prototyping Services

3D2Go’s Reverse Engineering & Prototyping Services

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3D2Go’s Reverse Engineering & Prototyping Services
prototyping and reverse engineering

For six years, 3D2GO has been known as the Philippines’ market leader in 3D printing. Enthusiasts, hobbyists, and even those who are curious with this technology flock to the company to see the possibilities of turning their ideas into actual products simply by printing it.

Unbeknownst to many, 3D2GO also offers reverse engineering and rapid prototyping services. Like 3D printing, everyone can also use it, especially when they get a full grasp of what these services are about.

What is reverse engineering

In simple terms, reverse engineering is the process of duplicating a product.

Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, it does not rely on the product’s blueprint or digital model. Reverse engineering is carried out by disassembling, capturing, and analyzing an item’s features, material properties, physical dimensions, design, and the interrelationships of each element.

When a product stopped working due to a broken part, but that part is no longer available in the market, reverse engineering is the best way to go. It does not only help in re-using the product, but also in conserving the planet by minimizing one’s waste footprint.

The said process can also be a lifeline to manufacturers who lost their original design documentation — or never had one from the beginning. This is also beneficial to companies who want to study the new product that a competitor had released.



3D2Go’s reverse engineering services offer tremendous accuracy — with high-resolution scans and rigid tolerances.

We are flexible — we can focus on a single feature or an entire assembly. Obsolete parts can now be duplicated or replaced. Our services also intend to formulate significant improvements on your existing parts, whether an upgrade or a complete redesign. You name it!



What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping services use various methods to quickly create a prototype of the actual product. It gives clients to test the shape and physically analyze the design. Through this, they’ll be able to spot any inaccuracies with the product and fix it immediately before the actual production takes place.

This is applicable to scale models of buildings, landscapes, and product prototypes.

3D printing is the best technology when creating prototypes because it is fast, convenient, and cheap.

3D2Go’s rapid prototyping creates superior products faster than ever before. Our prototyping service helps big and medium-sized corporations turn brilliant ideas into booming products. We can print your prototypes directly from CAD data which allows fast and frequent revisions based on real-world testing and feedback. We also ensure that the printed product is highly-accurate so that you can easily point out what needs to be improved.

We also have a team of talented artists who can turn your prototype into a masterpiece. Because it captures your idea into a physical object, you don’t only get to test your design, you can also use it for your sales effort.

Why choose 3D2GO

For years, 3D2GO has been providing top-of-the-line 3D printing service to a growing clientele. Every day, we give our best to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with the help of our skilled team of artists. We are dedicated not only to bring quality products to our direct consumers but also on educating people about the wonders of the technology.

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