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3D Scanning and Its Vast Applications

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October 20, 2017
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As tackled in a previous post, 3D scanning has opened a world of opportunities for 3D printing. That is why experts are constantly finding ways to advance scanning solutions for use in a wide variety of industries.

Nowadays, even handheld scanners can be so precise that they are used by companies in their operations.These devices are able to deliver what is required of them, and that is to capture data in little time and as accurate as possible. Lightweight and very much user-friendly, they are guaranteed to enhance workflow, effectively saving precious time and money.

Of course, the more high-end, top-of-the-line scanners offer better resolution and overall quality and are used in more complex industries. On this article, we tackle some of the industries that benefit from the wonders of 3D scanning:


Healthcare and Medicine

There is perhaps no other field that demands precision more strictly than the healthcare industry. After all, it deals with the human health and can sometimes be a matter of life and death. When designing prosthetics or orthotics, for example, precision is paramount. There is just no other way but to be perfectly accurate if someone’s mobility, or in some cases, life is at stake.


Manufacturing and Industrial Design

Imagine taking accurate measurements with ease. Think how it will automate the workflow and allow for highly polished products that have already been tested. This is possible when you 3D scan an object. Back in the day, the entire process takes days or even weeks or months to finish. Thanks to 3D scanning, the procedure is hastened a tenfold.


Education and Research

There is a reason the academe continues to embrace 3D scanning. They fully understand that it is a brilliant tool that enables students to study anything in greater detail. In the same vein, scientists are able to conduct studies more efficiently if given a detailed model. This is something that was unheard of before 3D technology.


Art and Design

Just as the artist’s mind has no limit, so does 3D scanning in relation to art and design. Artists and designers can turn to 3D scanning to work on their ideas and see them come to life. Creation is the essence of art, and with 3D scanning, it is given a different dimension. Whether you are into visual arts or any other artistic endeavor, a 3D scanner is very helpful.



Sheer excitement is what 3D scanning brings to engineering. Think about it: if we can scan anything and use CAD to modify it, we are practically streamlining both rapid prototyping and reverse engineering. Clearly, 3D scanning allows for more detailed measurements and simplified mechanical investigations.


The Future Looks Good

As the technology develops, 3D scanners become more affordable, and will, therefore, find their way to smaller businesses. On the other hand, the development also comes in the form of more sophisticated scanners with optimum resolution, and people will be able to find more special uses for them.

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