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3D Printed Customized Trophies: Bringing Recognition To A Higher Level

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3D Printed Customized Trophies: Bringing Recognition To A Higher Level
3D Printed Customized Trophies

There is an old adage that says, “It’s the thought that counts.”

In every games and competitions, participants do their best to get the winner’s trophy not because they want it as a reward but because it symbolizes their perseverance, skills, and hard work.

This is why as an event organizer, you should always keep in mind to give the winners a token of victory that reflects as closely as possible the goal and the values of the event.

Instead of giving generic trophy cups, preparing 3D printed customized trophies is a better idea.

3D printed customized trophies: There’s a meaning beyond

The practice of giving trophies to competition winners started way around the 1600s. Because this has been made into a tradition, competitions without it seem incomplete.

But as the world continues to revolve, and the majority of millennials give high value to aesthetic appeal, giving a trophy that looks like an enlarged teacup can hardly impress them now. Generic looking trophies also look that they are snatched out of life — some cold and shiny thing that lies untouched inside grandma’s cupboard. Because it looks like everything else, it does not convey a deep meaning.

Customized trophies, aside from being a symbol of victory, tells a story by itself. By looking at its carefully thought of details, you can see each element come into life.

For competition winners, customized trophies are unique trophies that will always remind them of the things that they’ve been through to get it. Put in your best effort in designing and producing their trophies just as the same way that they’ve put their best to claim it.

More than just a marketing collateral

Awarding customized trophies—with enticing cash award and perks—should reflect the overall branding of the organization that facilitates the event. This way, they could use it to attract more participants. What comes next when many competitive participants join? A larger crowd! Be creative on how you could draw in people and your bottom line would surely thank you for it.

Why 3D printing?

3D printing is one of the best ways to produce customized trophies efficiently and quickly. All you need to do is to submit your 3D model to the 3D printing company and instruct them of its dimensions. In case you don’t have a file yet, you can submit your design and our modelers can start making its 3D file based on your preference and instruction.

If you would also like to mass produce your trophies—to be given to non-winning participants—3D printing is also your best bet. It only needs a single file then the entire process will become easier.

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For your 3D printing needs, 3D2GO is here for you! We have a roster of talented 3D modelers who will assist you in making customized trophies for the competition that you are facilitating.

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