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3D Printed Lamps For Home Decor

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For people who love interior designing, sometimes, a simple fluorescent light is not enough. They need a lamp that either catches everyone’s attention or will calm them down.

There are many designs for lamps. There are those with simple designs and the traditional ones with a plastic. We also have the table lamps with ceramic or metal bases which are mostly used in bedrooms or for study tables.

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But did you ever wonder where did these lamps originally came from? Or who invented them? If you weren’t listening in your history and science class when you were in elementary school, electric lamps were invented during the 1870s. Thomas Edison and Sir Joseph Swann were the pioneers of it.

Before them, we had candles, the alcohol and gas lamps, and then, in present times, the electric ones. And even those electric ones, they are being created with much difference and with quirky designs that will definitely suit everyone’s taste.

Though there are many variations of lamps, these two made the ones we are familiar with today. Also known as light bulbs, it is usually a simple light with a base made from either metal, plastic, glass, or ceramic. However, as technology progresses, so do the lamps.

Light up your room with these different lamps!

  1. Animal-designed Lamps

If you want a minimalist approach, this animal designed lamp is perfect for you. Though you might not be a fan of deer, you cannot hate this design, it is so sleek and clean, just the notion of what minimalism is.

3D printed deer lamp

Source: Cults3d

Here are other types of animal-inspired 3D printed lamps

3d printed animal lamps

Source: Certified-Lighting

2. Small and simple lamps

Another minimalist looking 3D printed lamp is this one. It is very simple and has only two colors. This type of lamp is suited for people who appreciate simple things and like small but very cute and useful things. It is perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms.

3D printed lamp

Source: Pinshape

Additionally, there are also lamps that are perfect for kitchens and living rooms. These lamps are bigger in size compared to the first one.

3D printed kitchen lamp

Source: Cults3D

3. Round Lamps

Round shaped lamps are probably the most common types of lamps. However, these 3D printed round (technically, it is spherical) lamps are so much more different and not your usual boring round (spherical) lamps.

3D printed minimalist lamp

Source: Cults3D

Another example is this Moon Lamp. Just look how tantalizing this is!

3D printed moon lamp

Source: My Metanoia

4. Laced Lamp

If you want cool and amazing designs, you should definitely go with laced lamps! These lamps create different patterns of lights that are emitted from the source. It makes cool patterns that will definitely wow your family and friends. These type of lamps are usually the common ones when it comes to 3D printed lamps.

3D printed light lamp

Source: Pinshape

However, lace lamps do not only appeal to be cool, it can also exude elegance when design to be. Just like this one:

3D printed lace lamp

Source: Pinterest

5. Geometrically-inspired Lamps

These geometrically shaped lamps define shapes in another level. They have quirky and cool designs, which, most of the time can only be achieved by 3D printing.

3D printed crystal lamp

Source MyMiniFactory

3D printed Geometrical Lamp

Source: Cults3D

Not only your living room or bedroom and kitchen can have these lamps, for hotel rooms, inns, air bnb, restaurants, and other regular rooms can incorporate these lamp designs too for a better feel and ambiance.

These are not the only designs of lamps available out here on the internet-verse. Also, you can design your very own lamp and we will 3D print them for you! Just contact us!