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Thinking of the Perfect Corporate Gifts This Season? Read On.

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What else but to say it’s that time of the year again. Well, it’s the season most Filipinos await every year. For us, the day Jesus Christ was born is the time we have the most fun. But the days leading to it aren’t to be ignored.

They say Christmas is longest here in the Philippines, and foreigners realize it the moment the first “ber” month comes. By September, some households have already started decorating their interiors, parents have started looking for bargains, and children have begun creating their wish list.

While many would agree that Christmas is for children, the Holiday spirit dwells in the heart of everyone, from the kids to the kids at heart. It goes without saying that in every office across the country, people are preparing for Christmas in one way or another, right this very moment. At the helm of these preparations is a generous boss who puts his or her employees’ welfare at the top of the list.

Giving away monetary bonus is a surefire way to endear employees. Distribute corporate gifts and treat them well the entire year should get you to steal their hearts. If you are a manager trying to get the nod from a prospective client or simply want to show appreciation for a good business deal, you can never go wrong with a 3D-printed Christmas gift.

Allow us to share with you some of the best 3D-printed corporate gifts we compiled for this particular season.

Company-Branded Items – While some may frown upon company-branded merchandise, these items definitely serve their purpose well. You want to give something useful while sending your business or marketing message across.  Put more thought into your gift by bringing it personally to your client during a business meeting.

Wine Glasses – Nothing speaks sophistication better than a fine glass of wine. If you feel that glasses aren’t enough, then add a good bottle of champagne to fill them in.

Mug Set – Many business deals have been opened and closed on top of the coffee. How about a beautiful mug set to send your clients or give to your employees? Include a pack of great-tasting coffee to complete the package. If coffee isn’t their thing, perhaps get some hot chocolate.

Source – funky coffee mug

Computer Accessories – If you prefer to stay within the realms of business, computer accessories are a good idea. You can give a wireless mouse, earphones, or keyboard.

Stress Balls – The corporate world is a breeding ground for stress. Help ease away some stress by giving something like stress balls or perhaps small exercise equipment.

Business Card Holder – Help your clients or employees organize their contacts by giving them a business card holder. It’s very helpful and is something they can put on their office desk.

Source – Sculpteo

Key Ring Holder – If you intend to give the same item to many people, as in an entire roster of employees or every other client, the key ring holder is a good choice.

Source – cgtrader

These are just a few 3D-printed corporate gifts you can give away during the holidays. Make sure you package them in a creative and appealing way for added value!

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