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Prosthesis For Child Amputee
Prosthesis For Child Amputee Resulting In A Better Life
September 13, 2018
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September 20, 2018

Prosthetics, for people with a limb deficiency, is a very important thing in their life. It is a part of their body that most of us take advantage of.

For normal people or people without congenital upper limb deficiency, it is easy to just shrug off things that we don’t think are very much important. Things we wake up every day and are there to help us do our daily activities; tasks as simple as brushing one’s teeth or putting clothes on.

However, not all people are blessed with a complete body. There are people born without limbs, may it be upper or lower. These are the same people that need prosthetics; the same people that will be assisted by prosthetics.

Congenital Upper Limb Deficiency

According to a children’s hospital, a congenital limb deficiency is a defect that “occur when a portion or the entire upper or lower limb fails to form normally or does not form when the baby is developing in the uterus.”

There are different causes of deficiency. St. Louis Children’s Hospital stated that the most common factors are:

  • Conditions, such as genetic abnormalities, growth restriction, mechanical forces, that affects the baby in the uterus during development
  • Exposures by the mother to chemicals or viruses while pregnant
  • Specific medications
  • Possible exposure to tobacco smoke (more research is needed)

Congenital limb deficiency is diagnosed after the baby is born. It is a defect that is seen physically so when a baby is missing a limb, completely or not. It can also be overgrowth or undergrowth. Now, there are many ways to treat deficiency. However, for children that have missing limbs, the only way they can live a normal life is to have a prosthetic.

On the other hand, in a country like ours, having a prosthetic is hard unless you are born into a rich family. Or you are helped through an organization or other people helped you to get it.

Prosthetics Changing Through Times

With the help of technology, 3D printing has made it possible for people with congenital upper limb deficiency to enjoy their life. 3D printed prosthesis has helped thousands of people feel complete; to feel that they are not unwanted because they have a deficiency.

3D printed prosthetics have provided thousands of people with body parts like limbs. With technology, creating prosthetics is a lot easier and definitely much cheaper. The patient need not wait for months and countless of measuring and resizing just to have a limb. the technology helps people with limb deficiency have limbs in a week or two.

3D Printing Prosthetics For People In Need

We are not saying that every child with limbs are not happy or is not satisfied with their lives. We are saying that life, especially for children, will be easier if they feel they belong. A child needs to feel that they are part of a community or a family and is the same as other people. They do not want to be left out or looked at.

And with the help of 3D2GO, we can provide just that. Contact us now!