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Online 3D Printing Services For Robots

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Online 3D Printing Services For Robots
Online 3D Printing Services For Robots

3d printing service for robots

Robots are usually designed for one very specific task. This is fine, as long as you’re ok getting a new robot every time you want something different. Making generalist robots is hard. But what’s less hard is enabling it to adapt to different kinds of specialists, which we humans do all the time when we use tools. 

Do you want a robot who can simply help with menial daily task? Why not get a miniature robot 3D printed? And not just any tiny robot. But a robot that you could say is still you in essence. Picking trash of the floor is one of the many things you get nagged about. With a robotic “you”, you could proudly tell your parents that you’ve kept your room clean by yourself.

We are in an age where robotic systems are emerging in our living space. It’s no longer just humans we will be able to work with. These 3D printed robots are creating a system of their own as they live among us.

Moreso, toy aisles in stores are pretty limited in stocks. If the toy your child wants isn’t on the shelves?  Create the possibility for them.

3D printing really is the new frontier for creativity.


How and where can i 3d print?

These small inanimate objects could be so much more than an immovable toy. Why not make a robot out of your little friends? Or maybe even your anime figurines. They surely will get tiresome at some point when all they do is pose 24/7. Why not make them move once in a while? Maybe even talk. 

This is all possible with the help of engineers and 3D printing technicians. 

Through CAD, the designer is able to import real imagery from a 360-degree view. 

All Plan 

Works with Windows perfectly. It allows working on 2D and 3D design easily. The design tools will enable working on drawings, conception, topography. 

Vectorworks Architect

This software allows going from conceptual design to BIM models. It offers all the features needed for the architectural structure using 3D modeling. 


A flexible and powerful CAD software. It allows you to get all the features you need. As a result, you create the concept of your architectural structures. 

Bricscad BIM

Experience the power of free-form modeling with this accuracy of CAD software. It uses AI to help replicate details automatically in your BIM. 


3d digital printing and more with 3D2GO

Now to answer your ‘where?’ question. You can 3D print in the comfort of your own homes. Just avail one of these printers from us:

Flashforge Creator Pro II 

  • Has two extruders that support dual-color printing.
  • Its enclosed chassis helps protect your printing against cold and heat from the external environment.

Snapmaker Original 

  • Suggested for newbies who want all functions. 3D printer, laser engraving, and CNC cutting. 
  • A 3-in-1 3D Printer that includes laser engraving and CNC cutting. 


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