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Online 3D Printing Services: Rediscover Your Artistic Side

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Online 3D Printing Services: Rediscover Your Artistic Side
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Go Back to your Artistic Side with Online 3D Printing Services

Pandemic and the sense of dread prompts people to get in touch with their artistic side. DIY crafts and turning ideas from a simple concept art is now the trend among adults and young people. While art is a form of self-expression, greater fulfillment is achieved when it can turn into tangible objects. 

Enter online 3D printing services. Which is a perfect way to turn these pieces of art into reality. This amazing technology boasts a wide range of applications. Any parts of a project is possible to print. 

When it comes to this service, the only limitation is yourself. It is good to note that 3D printing is a service common folk can enjoy. It offers endless possibilities. It can turn your unique concept art or object into life. 

For the more technical people out there, you can use this technology to print those out-of-stock parts of an item that halts your project from completion. 


Is Color 3D Printing Service Existing?

Off white sure looks bland and who wouldn’t want their ideas to turn into life to its perfect glory? The typical final output of 3D printing service is white that needs finishing touches. 

Materials often used for 3D printing service are ABS and PLA. What’s the best thing about these materials is they can work with acrylic colors. Both can offer a vibrant colored output without compromising the final 3D print. 

Color 3D printing service can mimic a certain material like iron or gold. This can provide a perfect appearance of hard materials by just proper coloring. 

When it comes to playing with colors, you don’t have to compromise with color 3D printing service.


Is 3D Printing Service Available Amidst the Pandemic?

3D printing service is not just a brick and mortar store. E-commerce bridges the gap between consumers and 3D printing service providers. Pandemic accelerates this even faster transaction. 

But why is it thriving? 3D printing enables your direct participation until the completion of the project. Most of these transactions happen within the confines of the internet. 

That is why it is best to look for a 3D printing service provider that answers quickly when it comes to inquiries. You can also ask for updates and revisions of the project as long as it’s allowed. 

People get intimidated when they are asked if they have a 3D file of the certain project they want to 3D print. Fret not. As 3D printing is becoming a norm, lots of internet sources provide free 3D files of the most common item. 

For artists with unique concept art, you can look for a 3D printing service provider that offers 3D file rendering. They can help you create a 3D version of your creation. This file will be used for them to 3D print. 

You may be wary about exclusive rights to such original creation. Non-disclosure agreements can ensure your original creation won’t be passed on to other people. It is good discretion to look for a provider that can give you an NDA. This will also protect your right as a consumer. 


Have You Been Typing 3D Printing Service Near Me? Look no more!

Lockdown and the dread of the virus makes everyone anxious. Art is one way to appease such feelings. 3D printing service can help you feel more productive when the world seems at a stop. 

3D2GO Philippines can offer you various services tailored for your needs. We are the only 3D printing service provider that offers end-to-end services. From 3D file designing and rendering, to finishing touches. 

Our 3D designers can create and render your 3D file from scratch based on your specifications. We use on par 3D printers to deliver prints as you imagined it to be. Our 3D artists can touch up the final print into perfection. 

Also we are open to provide you with whatever 3D services you may need. You may drop us a message here or on our official Facebook page. Rediscover your hidden artistic talent with 3D2GO!