Is 3D Printer Price Philippines Affordable?

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Is 3D Printer Price Philippines Affordable?
Is 3D Printer Price Philippines Affordable?

Is 3D Printer Price Philippines Cost-Effective?

Most of us are familiar with 2D printing. Then came the 3D printing industry. There are more benefits to this innovation.  Some of them are easy customization, reducing labor costs, and allowing faster production.

3D printing has been a new trend in the Philippines for people who want to personalize their gifts. That is why a lot of printing companies are trying their best to get a 3D printer. But, only a few businesses are able to buy this printer.

For one thing, this printer is not available in any store. There are hardly any distributors of the 3D machines here. For another, having a 3D printer in your shops do not always convert to more customers. Since this is a new trend, there might be few people who know about this service.


3D Printer PH

3D printers come in different sizes depending on your purpose. Prices vary as well for professional and beginners’ 3D printers. Let us take a look at some printers for beginners and professionals.

Beginners’ 3D Printer: User-Friendly and Safe

Using 3D printers is not an easy task. Furthermore, it can cause harm to people that are not experts with it. Good thing there are 3-Dimensional printers that are easy to use and fit for beginners.

Creality CR-10S and Dremel DigiLab 3D20 are two examples of user-friendly machines for 3D printing. Creality CR-10S has a filament sensor that can detect possible errors. It is perfect for newbies trying to familiarize themselves with the quality of 3D prints.

On the other hand, Dremel DigiLab 3D20 has an enclosed design that will prevent any harm to kids due to heat. Additionally, it has a colored LCD touchscreen for easier adjustment of settings.


Professional’s 3D Printer: For Large 3D Printed Models

For professional use, you need printers that are flexible and can 3D print in various sizes. It needs to have features that enhance the quality of the finished 3D product.

Ultimakers are an example of 3D printers that can print from small to large 3D models. Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended has a feature to change the nozzle depending on the project’s size. This gives you flexibility in doing high-speed printing or highly detailed products.

On the other hand, Flashforge Creator Pro II is useful for 3D prints that require multicolored design. It has dual extruders that enhance the color quality of the model.

Click here for the full review of all these 3D printers’ prices.


3D Printer For Sale Philippines

There are several websites online that sell 3D printers. However, most of them do not offer training for their product. After you buy it, you have to learn it on your own.

It is still better if you learn the 3D printing business before investing in machines. This way, it will not cost you much and you can ask for assistance on how to operate it.

There are some companies that provide end-to-end 3D process from scanning to post-process. You can learn a thing or two about the operations and not just about the printers.


3D Printing Business Philippines

As stated, the 3-Dimension printing industry is relatively new. Not everyone is familiar with it or think it is possible. If you want to get 3D printing services without spending a large amount of money then go to 3D2GO.

3D2GO offers services from prototyping to reverse engineering. We assist large corporations and consumers with their 3D needs. Besides that, we are an official distributor of some 3D related machines. We sell Snapmaker Original 3D Printer that can be used for 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving.

We can help people who want to start their own 3D business. Contact us today to learn more about our 3D services.