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Give the Most Unique 3D-Printed Gifts to Any Family

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December 19, 2017
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December 22, 2017

In our previous blog post, we provided you with a sneak peek at some of the best gift ideas for an entire family. This time, we will give you a few unique 3D-printed gift ideas for family, friends, as well as your own family members.

When thinking of a gift, you definitely have to consider the recipient’s needs and wants. A little uniqueness would go a long way, though. The key? Personalization.

Here are our picks:

Family Mugs – Unless the recipient doesn’t drink any form of liquid, mugs, and glasses are always a practical gift idea. You’re probably wondering what makes mugs unique? Well, if you print a photo of each family member in every mug, then you got a one of a kind present. It doesn’t have to be a real photo. You can opt for caricatures or something to represent them.

Throw Pillows – Take the whole idea about family mugs into throw pillows. Having something to hug which has their face in it may seem weird but the idea is truly wonderful.

Book Shelf – If the recipient loves reading and collecting books, a bookshelf would be a great idea. To make it unique, perhaps you can have one in the shape of the Batman logo or perhaps a basketball. Whatever it is, make sure the design is something the recipient would love.

Source – shapeways

Sofa – Family members love gathering around the tube. You can make every movie marathon even more worthwhile by giving comfortable sofa. Given the comfort they provide, rest assured that every family member would want their own piece.

Source – dezeen

Figurines and Bobbleheads – Go the uniquely cute route of giving figurines or bobbleheads of each family member. Perhaps you could put a hat on each and label it with the name of the person. Another idea is to put their initials on the shirt.

Dog Toy – When you get something for the family’s dogs or any pet for that matter, you are also sending them some love. A special toy does well in keeping the dogs occupied and busy while giving their owners peace of mind.

Source- dog-milk

Pastry Mold – Speaking of food, how about having the entire family prepare food together? Give them something like a pancake or cookie mold and rest assured that breakfast or snack times are always a chance for bonding.

Source – ultimaker

Flower Vase – A collage of the family would look great in a flower vase or any cylindrical ornament for that matter.

Source – earthporm

Family Games – Another way to get the entire family to stay together is by giving them something like a board game, puzzles or any game they would enjoy in unison. Seeing their faces light up should make you happy as the giver.

If you have anything else in mind, let us know by contacting us. We would be happy to 3D print it for you!