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Costumes That Make a Mark: Why 3D Printing Is Best for Cosplay

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Costumes That Make a Mark: Why 3D Printing Is Best for Cosplay

Cosplay exploded in the Philippines years back, perhaps along with the resurgence of anime.  Yet, it doesn’t really matter if you are into Japanese culture or not; if you see kids clad in superhero costumes at the mall, you just can’t help but smile.

Everything may look all fun and exciting, but it doesn’t take expertise to figure out that these kids put in work to create their costumes. Some costumes are so intricate that they take a few months to finish.  Add to that the time and perhaps money needed to create props, and you got a recipe for a headache.

But not to cosplayers. These hobbyists are some of the most passionate individuals around. To them, there is a sense of fulfillment in being able to replicate their favorite character’s costume and get in their shoes for a day. When going to a cosplay event, it’s hard to think that the participants are not competing against each other for the spotlight. It almost feels like everyone wants to stand out, which, of course is not the case.

A 3D-printed Samus Aran costume. Image source: Nerdist

These cosplayers don’t care if they have the most eye-catching outfit or the simplest one. It all comes down to representing their chosen character well. They don’t even care if they get ridiculed by non-cosplayers. For as long as they like their outfit and are comfortable wearing it, then everything is well and good.

Surely, the charm of cosplaying is magnetic. Cosplayers are aware of this, and it’s another reason why they put their best effort in every prop and costume they create. We’re pretty sure every single cosplayer would agree that if there is a much easier and less time-consuming way of making costumes, they would do it in a heartbeat.


No Better Time to Enjoy Cosplay Than Now

Enter 3D printing, that wonderful technology that has provided its magical touch across a wide range of fields and industries, cosplaying included. And in a country of hardworking people who put so much passion in their craft, 3D printing is even more helpful.

That’s because 3D printing is a step toward professionalism. When a process is made faster and more efficient, with an end result that is more polished, there is both professionalism and craftsmanship. All our local cosplayers need to do is keep the fire burning and they may just attract global attention for their efforts.

So what does a 3D printer make of a costume?

More realistic – The goal is to be as close as possible to the real thing, right? Let 3D printing be your new found friend.

More detailed – With 3D printing, there is no problem going for that well-chiseled abs or helmet with intricate patterns. There is just no question about it.

More comfortable – Depending on the materials used, a 3D-printed costume can be lighter and more comfortable to wear. You wear your costume for almost an entire day and getting out of it every 20 minutes is not an option, so this is very important.


Your Partner in Cosplay

A 3D-printed Deadpool belt buckle for 3D2GO’s client

Leave the technical work to a company like 3D2Go. We are a local company and we support local cosplayers. Like you, we are passionate about what we do. This is why we will make sure that every 3D-printed cosplay costume we create is world class.

With 3D printing, better days are ahead for cosplayers. So the next time you go to Comic-Con, hit us up and we will help you look your absolute best.