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Who wouldn’t want to stand out with their unique Halloween costumes? Whether you are a kid, a teenager, or an adult, a stand out Halloween costume is a must!

For kids, it is easier to find Halloween costumes. Whatever they wear, they would look cute; they are kids! On the other hand, for people pass that stage, it can be difficult to think of clever and creative adult Halloween costumes.

Here are some ideas we came up with to help you guys make your last minute unique Halloween costumes!

  • Food Ideas

For couples, it would be easier and more fun if they dress as a partner. One costume idea is mimicking the most loved cookie, Oreo. You just need to print out a large photo of the cookie and dress white shirt to be the filling of the cookie.

unique halloween costume

Source: Pinterest

Another is peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, and bacon and eggs. It could be any food combinations that are famous. If you do not want a mainstream idea, maybe your favorite weird food combination can be your costume.  

  • Fictional Characters

Another idea is to be your favorite characters, whether it is from a movie, TV series, or animation, remake their iconic look. Many people are a fan of Netflix’s Stranger Things and have tried the kids’ characters there like Eleven. Another fan favorite is Game of Thrones. Complete your look with a 3D printed sword and other props from the movie.

unique halloween costumes

As for animated shows, you could be Ash from Pokemon or Naruto. You can never go wrong with these famous anime characters as many people know them. However, these characters are too famous and you might have someone with the same costume. To differentiate you from them, a 3D printed prop from the shows could do the trick.

unique halloween costume

Source: Andrew Liptak on Thingiverse

  • Halloween Masks

If you don’t want simple props like Pokeballs and some Shuriken, masks would be the perfect costume for you!

There are many 3D files of ready to print masks on the internet. Whether you want an Iron Man mask or other superhero masks, you can find them on Thingiverse or from a simple Google search. If you are tired of those superhero masks, you can also find Star Wars masks on it.

unique halloween costume

Source: – Thingiverse

Additionally, there is also scary mask from horror movies like the mask of Jason or demon masks.

When we talk about Halloween, scary costumes cannot be forgotten. What other scary personas could you do than messed-up clowns? There are tons of horror movies with scary clowns that you can mimic or dress as. The infamous clown for IT, Pennywise, could be a great scary costume if you are into those things. The clowns from “American Horror Story: Cult” would be a great example, creepy, scary, and a bit twisted.

  • Filipino Halloween
Filipino Halloween costume

Source: Inquirer Lifestyle

As for some Filipino twist for your unique Halloween costumes, “aswang”, “kapre”, and other mythical creatures that are famous here in the country would be great for an office Halloween party.

Though Halloween is not as famous here as it is in the U.S. and other western countries, it is starting to gain traction. If you love Halloween and want to make a costume, simply contact us!