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3D2GO Year End Review: We Are Going in 2019 Full Blast!

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Before we welcome 2019, we would like to take a look back to 2018 – the year of new beginnings, new opportunities and new people who learned what 3D printing is.

As our president, Mr. Fred Chua, attended more than four events this year, we are pretty sure more people are now interested in and curious about 3D printing technology.

Events That We Attended This Year

His first event was at MAPUA university where he attended “3D Printing Seminar: The Integration of the Engineering Fields in the Industry”. There, he explained the benefits and newer technology regarding 3D printing. He also shared some of his experiences regarding 3D printing, 3D scanning, and modeling to the engineering students of the university.

The next one was the Techtonic Summit. It was the biggest event for technology-related companies. 3D2GO was very much honored in attending it. We also had a contest where a 3D printed hand of Thanos was the prize.

After that was the SIP in August. The Systems Integration Expo was held at SMX Convention Center MOA. It was another three-day event where emerging technologies were displayed. Our president had a talk where he presented the benefits of 3D printing to a new audience.

Lastly, we attended the yearly event of y4iT. It was our third time to be present in the event. Just like the first two times, 3D2Go is thankful to the attendees and the people that took time to go to the out booth and gave their time to check out what 3D printing is all about.

Industries We Focused On

This year, 3D2GO focused mostly on two industries. We targeted medical and architectural industries. We posted more stuff about 3D printed prosthetics. We shared information as to how it is made and how it can benefit the public.

We also shared different applications of 3D technology to architecture and design companies. We also illustrated different corporate gifts and ideas for companies and small businesses.

In addition to that, we have manifested our services. We discussed how our different services – scanning, modeling, and printing, can benefit different people from different walks of life.  

Opening of Bobbl3D

This year, we also launched the first-ever brainchild of 3D2GO, Bobbl3D, which focuses on 3D printing bobbleheads and mini-mes.

Here we have made it easier for customers to choose and order their bobbleheads and mini-me. With the catalog and sample products, customers can visualize how theirs would look like.

We also celebrated our 4th anniversary. As we started in 2014, getting to more than 10,000 likes on Facebook, it is such a huge milestone for us. We thank our customers for it.


We look forward to another fruitful year together with our customers and possible consumers!

If you have inquiries and questions, just contact us and we’ll reply right away!