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The Basic Ways Of How 3D Printing Works

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November 29, 2013
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The Basic Ways Of How 3D Printing Works

3D printing is almost everywhere, creating things on demand – fast and precise. From science laboratories, Amazon and eBay, hospitals, building sites to offices and homes; the technology is evidently thriving.

There is a huge amount of excitement focusing on what 3D printers can do and its possibilities. Three-dimensional printing is a new-age innovation that can create everyday stuff. They are simply extraordinary because they can fabricate different things, whatever kind or form, using different kinds of materials – entirely from one machine.

A 3D printer can create practically anything, from prosthetics, plastic toys, to metal spare parts, stoneware vases, ceramic products, customized chocolate cakes and even the unthinkable; functioning human organs (although it is not yet completed, but maybe in time). 3D printing is the perfect alternative for conventional factory production lines with a single machine.

With all the hype surrounding this exceptional technology, most people will certainly ask – How does 3D printing work? It may seem complicated to visualize the process; however, it’s actually very simple.

The Basic Process of 3D Printing 

It all starts with a 3D design which you do on a personal computer. Connect your PC to a 3D printer, press the ‘Print’ command, grab some popcorn, sit back and watch as your printer progressively unveils your design in a solid form. The process of 3D printing turns a whole object into thousands of tiny slices and then creates it slice by slice from the bottom-up. The layering of small slices sticks together to form a solid object.

On the other hand, each layer can be very intricate. Meaning, this technology can produce moving parts like wheels and bearings as part of the same object. You can actually print a model car or an entire bicycle with all the important parts to make it operational. All you have to do is thoroughly check the design, check the gaps and spaces, and make sure everything is in the right place.

To have a clearer picture of the process, here’s a short clip revealing the procedure of 3D printing step by step. Check it out!