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3D Printed Custom Wedding Rings Are Forever

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3D Printed Custom Wedding Rings Are Forever
3D printed rings

Once, there was a time when 3D printed jewelry sounded like an idea from a sci-fi movie. But as technology progresses, this idea becomes more of a reality. In fact, more and more jewelry designers print their designs today.

Since 3D printed jewelry is indistinguishable from traditionally casted objects, 3D printed jewelry is on the verge of becoming mainstream. In fact, 3D printing is starting to become the next best thing in the fashion industry.


3D model photo from DesignAnything3D.com

So, why do people opt for getting 3D printed wedding rings?

There are several reasons for this blazing trend. First and foremost, you can be guaranteed that your wedding rings are unique, in a sense that you can be absolutely sure that no one else will have rings like yours. And since it is totally customized, the design is limited only by your creativity and can easily be sized for tiny fingers or monster hands. It is also easy to make since all you need is some free 3D modeling software and access to the internet.

Having your own 3D printed custom wedding rings saves you the time you spend looking for that special set of bands in several jewelry shops. Most are cheaper for the same set that a trip to the nearest jewelry store will offer you. And best of all, you get bragging rights as you get to tell everyone that you are a jewelry designer and made your own ring!

3D model image from CGTrader.com


What do you need to 3D print custom wedding rings?

Actually, there are several answers to this, since ‘3D printing’ includes many different technologies. While some printers work with filament, others use powder, and yet others work with liquid resin or wax.

However, all 3D printers have one thing in common: they need a 3D file. This 3D file holds the information about what object the printer is supposed to print. These 3D files are generated with special 3D modeling software. Once the 3D file is generated, the printer can use this information to print a real physical object. Using online 3D printing services, like 3D2Go, you or the designer does not even need to own a 3D printer. All you need to do is submit their design and details on a website to get a quick quote. They can expect to get exactly what they ordered for.

image from STLFinder.com

So what can we use to make our very own 3D printed wedding rings?

The most common materials for jewelry designers are metals. Gold is the most favored, but you can also avail of other precious metals such as silver, bronze or brass and even stainless steel!

Getting married is one of the most important things you can do in your life. So why not make it as unique and painless as possible by considering getting your very own 3D printed wedding ring? With the help of technology, 3D printed jewelry is here to stay, but with 3D printed custom wedding rings we can really say forever!

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