3D-Printed Corporate Giveaways

Top Three Corporate Giveaways Made Possible Thru 3D Printing

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Corporate events, as well company functions, are always a big thing. Such events are a haven for employees as well as employers who deserve a little recognition for years of their selfless hard work. It is also a time to introduce and share information and innovations to further increase productivity in the workplace. After all, what better way for people in your company to get together than in such gatherings?

Of course such corporate events isn’t complete without corporate giveaways. In fact, the promotional products industry is a very lucrative business. Everything from coffee mugs, pens, mouse pads, T-Shirts, and so is available. The list is endless of what you can put your company name and logo on.

Of course, many companies want a promotion product that is very unique and really sets them apart from their competitors. After all, it can really be annoying to receive the same keychain, pen, or mug over and over again. The problem here is that unique and one of a kind item takes too long to produce using traditional manufacturing methods and the price for design, tooling, assembly, shipping, and packaging also makes it unattractive. That is, until 3D printing technology came along.

3D printing is a technology that’s becoming more commonplace and it’s shaking up the printing and promotional  industry for many reasons including time, customization, inventory, cost, ease, and the endless creative possibilities!

Customized corporate giveaways can be done quickly with 3D printing. There’s less manufacturing time and a quick shipping turn-around. 3D printing can take you beyond the usual customized pens, keychains, mugs, and other desk knickknacks. Now you can personalize anything from holiday gifts to trade show giveaways. In fact here are some one of a kind corporate giveaways you can expect to receive on your next company function thanks to the magic of 3D printing.



  1. R2-D2 USB Drive

Image source: GeekAlerts

For your employees who are more technologically inclined, there is nothing more precious than a USB stick that looks like the famous droid from that classic Star Wars series.


2)   Customized iPhone Cases

Image source: MakerBot

Again, why would you settle for the usual boring keychain giveaways when you can get customized iPhone cases? You can even have the name of your employees on them for a more personalized touch.


3)  Mobile Battery Powerbank

Image source: project3dprint

Speaking of mobile phones, your employees wouldn’t have the problem of having their phones down due to low power with this awesome giveaway.  Thanks to 3D printing, you can actually add your company logo to the design to complete this corporate giveaway.