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3D Printing Is Building A New Future In Singapore

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November 10, 2017
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For the next five years, Singapore will focus on improving the country’s skills in manufacturing, specifically additive manufacturing. they will invest more or less $500 million to the 3D printing industry.

The plan is the result of their project “Future of Manufacturing (FoM)”. the program aims to get Singapore more active in the 3D industry scene. they want companies and manufacturing businesses to take advantage of the rapidly growing 3D printing technology and do more things regarding it and robotics.

The fund of  $500 million will be used for upgrading the technology and the employees’ skills when it comes to additive manufacturing. There will also be some part of improving the engineer’s’ skills plus “exploring the potential of building a new 3D printing industry ecosystem”. projects like training programs and conventions or camps will be set up for professional people who want to take part in 3D printing and its innovation and technology.

In regards to the program, the government is expecting many companies would incorporate 3D printing technologies and materials to their businesses. They are also expecting design and architectural firms to produce more 3D printing equipment, engineers to design software and customize 3D printers.

For the Singaporeans waiting, the final plan for Future of Manufacturing will be released next month.

Singapore, as one of the leading countries in Asia, especially when it comes to technology has been targeting 3D printing. They see it as a transformative technology that will be relevant and important to every industry in the near future.  additive manufacturing will definitely play a big role in the future. It will create more jobs, offer great services and will make everything easier and better.

3D Printing. The Future Of Singapore’s Infrastructure

The Singapore Centre for 3D Printing has been planning to build a prototype building with the help of 3D printing technology. The plan will be underway next year and the center is planning to complete it in just three years. The staff knows that it will be really hard and challenging but they are very excited to do it. they know that the country will benefit from it. Other countries might even benefit from it too.

Everything will be starting from scratch. they will develop large 3D printers and materials like concrete for the printing. The team will go through tons and tons of prototyping and innovations. They will utilize every research and studies about 3D printing concrete for the said building.

The government and the 3D printing industry is very sure that Singapore will start a trend not only in South East Asia but the whole Asia with its 3D printing. With all of the support and collaborations it is getting, not only the region will achieve their goal but many other industries will benefit from it. There will be lower cost for things because of 3D printing. There will also be many things that people had never seen before that will be possible because of 3D printing.

3D Printing Singapore Military Weapons

Singapore is also planning to incorporate 3D printing in their military. They want to utilize 3D printing to the fullest so they thought of using it to make weapons for their military. Since the nation’s military is big, it was kind of hard for them to replace all of the equipment at once, so this 3D printing will be a really great help. Meanwhile, on other fields like medicine, they have also used 3D printing technology. They have 3D printed a bone and was transplanted.

3D printing is definitely not just a fad or a trend for hobbyists. It is a growing industry that will be the future of not just Singapore but the whole world.

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