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“Where Can I 3D Print?” Three-Dimensional Services in the Philippines

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“Where Can I 3D Print?” Three-Dimensional Services in the Philippines
"Where Can I 3D Print?" Three-Dimensional Services in the Philippines

“Where Can I 3D Print?” Three-Dimensional Services Available in the Philippines

“Where can I 3D print?”

“How much does it cost to print in 3D?”

Are these the same questions you have in your mind right now? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. The three-dimensional printing industry is relatively new here in the Philippines. Only a handful of individuals are fully aware about this amazing service.

One of the reasons why 3D making isn’t popular as it should be is the scarcity of places offering it. Another thing is the fear that it might be expensive and way above their budgets.

The pandemic hit most of the businesses in the Philippines. However, some find their way in the World Wide Web. The 3D printing industry is also growing now through the Internet. A lot of their services are not posted either on social media or on their website.

Among these businesses, 3D2GO rapidly developed into a reliable end-to-end 3D service provider. In this article, we will discuss 3D2GO’s best services and most affordable products.


3D2GO: Affordable 3D Printing Services

As stated, 3D2GO Philippines is the best one-stop-shop of everything 3D-related. In fact, we are the only one that offers services from 3D scanning to designing the finished product. For example, one company can provide you scanning. After that, you’ll have to look for another company to give you a printing service.

With this in mind, let us take a look at what 3D2GO can do for your 3D ideas. For this list, we will categorize this in a business-to-business and a business-to-consumer transactions..

Business-to-Business (B2B) 3D Services

These services are popular with businesses because of mass production and replication of products. Please keep in mind that these features are also applicable to B2C but B2B are the usual consumers.

Custom Corporate Giveaways

Corporate giveaways are your usual business trip souvenirs, only it is 3D printed. This means that business can manipulate the giveaways in any form they want. For instance, a company selling cars can give a souvenir of their miniature cars to their clients.

This service is popular for companies who want to give something special to their consumers. It gives a product recall and customers would likely remember them whenever they see the custom corporate giveaways. It is an effective way to market your product and establish your company identity.

Customized Cake Toppers

This is one of the best sellers. Cake toppers are your usual option if you want to have an additional design on your pastry gift. Of course, you can carve one on your own. However, it will take time and the design might not be as sophisticated as 3D prints. There are a lot of businesses that avail this service.

For example, event organizers can offer this as an additional feature for their cakes. Bakeries and cake shops can have this option too for their cakes. And finally, hotels and resorts are using this for many of their events and gatherings. It adds value to the cake and your guests will surely appreciate it.

3D Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is sought after by industries who want to analyze their technologies. In this method, they will disassemble a machine to find out its parts and their functions. They will use computer technologies to illustrate it in three-dimensional images. There are a lot of instances where 3D reverse engineering is a viable option.

For instance, if a business can do research on an old machine that has no blueprints. They can reverse engineer it instead to extract all of its parts. This is applicable for old computers, consoles, 50 or 60 year old telephones, etc.

3D Rapid Prototyping

Some companies want to test their product first before doing a mass production. This is where 3D rapid prototyping can come into action. It is not cost-efficient to test your product while having the production itself. 

It can cost you a lot of money once you found out there’s a flaw in your product. You will lose a lot by stopping the production and pulling all of the finished product. Since the prototyping is also fast, you can do variations and improvement once done testing it. It will save you more time in developing your product.

Business-To-Consumer (B2C) 3D Services

These types of services can be a one-time only deal. Besides that, clients can purchase and print one product. In contrast with B2B services where they are availing multiple 3D prints per project.


Students and professional architects can benefit from this service. They can recreate any building design they want to use for presentation. On top of that, they can also redesign it according to their imagination. Non-architect consumers can also avail this when they want to see the miniature version of their dream house.


This service is for “artsy” individuals. If they want to recreate any sculptures they want from Donatello’s to Auguste Rodin’s creation. You can also make your art ideas come to life by digitizing it. Once the scanned artwork is on the computer, we can 3D print it so you can see your life’s work.


For cars enthusiasts out there, this one’s for you. If you want to make your precious cars more special then why not customize it? You can 3D print any parts into your liking. You can add eyes in the headlights or a horn on the roof to make it look cooler. There are a lot of cool things that you can think of with this service. 


This is one of the most popular for regular consumers. A lot of them are using pictures of their loved ones and putting them in different bodies. For example, you can put your mom’s bobblehead in the body of Wonder Woman since she’s a superhero. Or you can put your girlfriend/boyfriend’s bobblehead in the body of their favorite characters.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Projects

This is tricky, as everyone can actually avail this service. Generally speaking, everything you can think of that is extraordinary can be 3D printed. Want to put your wife/husband’s 3D face in your next cellphone casing? Consider it done! Looking for a customized and out-of-this-world (like a UFO) steering wheel? Say no more!


This is for some of our friends who already lost their hopes because of missing body parts. 3D printed prosthetics can help you regain your confidence. The 3D printing technologies are so advanced that it can replicate the exact dimension of the missing part. 3D printed body parts are also durable and can last long.


3D2GO also does restoration projects. If you have something that has sentimental value, then this is perfect for you. We do infrastructure restorations as well. Most of all, museums can gain from this service as we can restore some artifacts to make it look like new.

As mentioned, there are tons of other things that a 3D printing service can do for you. On top of that, the service’s cost is also affordable for its price. Truly that in the 3D printing industry, the sky’s the limit.

Step By Step 3D Printing Service

For those who are new in 3D services. We will give you a quick guide on how the process works.

  • CAD File Development
  • CAD File Conversion
  • STL File Manipulation
  • Preparing the Printer
  • Printing
  • Post Process Design

This guide may look like a simple process but it is a bit complicated when you don’t have proper knowledge. There are some companies that only offer 3D scanning. Thus, you need to look for another firm to design it. Then another for 3D prints etc. That is why doing a transaction with a complete set of processes is more convenient and fast.

Additionally, this is not always applicable in all situations. Like there are times that a customer already has a model of what they want to replicate. Then they can just scan the item and print it right away.


Is There Another 3D Printing Service Near Me?

As previously stated, 3D2GO Philippines is the only one-stop-shop 3D printing service in the country. However, if you are looking for just one service like scanning, there are several businesses you can go to.

But the real question is, do you need another 3D near you when there is Internet? The answer is a resounding no. Because of the pandemic, many businesses shift their market online.

3D2GO is no different from this business. Despite the fact that we’re here in Metro Manila, we have clients all over the country. We are using different delivery couriers to ship out 3D printed products. On top of that, all of the transactions are well documented by our salespeople.

Contact us today and experience our amazing 3D services! We are available to talk to you at any of our social media sites.