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What to Look for a 3D Print Online Service In The Philippines?

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February 20, 2021
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What to Look for a 3D Print Online Service In The Philippines?
What to Look for a 3D Print Online Service In The Philippines?

Characteristics of a Great 3D Print Online Service

The 3D print online is a relatively new feature to the majority of Filipinos. That is why most of them are hesitant to inquire about the service. Hence, they are missing an amazing experience to make their ideas come to life.


Though that is the case, it shows a lot of potentials. The industry keeps on doing innovative work. This will help improve the technology and service in the future.


3D printed items can be a perfect gift for your special someone. You can customize it in any way possible. Furthermore, service is advisable for people who need personalized medical equipment.


Now, looking for a perfect company to inquire about 3D printing service is hard. The COVID-19 pandemic affected a lot of businesses. Thus, most enterprises closed their operation. Although there are some that thrive through online marketing.


However, there are only a few businesses that offer this. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of a 3D service provider online. After reading this, you will be more knowledgeable about it. This can open up many ideas to execute your creative projects.

What Are the Online 3D Printing Services?

There are a lot of 3D services available online. Let us take a look at these services.

3D Scanning Service

3D scanning services are a fast and accurate way of digitizing physical objects. This digital copy is for design, inspection, and visualization. You can use 3D scanners for almost any product or structure. It can accurately capture the physical shape and dimensions.


Besides that, scanners are suitable for any size. Thus, both casual consumers and large corporations can take advantage of this service. It is perfect for keeping digital files and for any business presentation.


3D Designing Service

After scanning, some preferred to personalize the object. Businesses are enhancing their product on the computer using software like CAD. They will do a prototype of the original item and will present it. Designing on the business side is usually about product innovation.


Meanwhile, consumers like to customize scanned objects for personal reasons. Be it sentimental value or a surprise gift, the sky’s the limit when doing 3D designs. Some usual requests that customers have been changing the wardrobe for a bobblehead. Other times, they want to redesign an object that is valuable to them to make it more special.


Whatever the reason is, 3D designing is a fun feature of this service. You can extract as much creative juice as possible you have in mind.


3D Printing Service

This is the highlight of this industry. Production of your design and prototype of an original item. There are different ways on how to print a 3-Dimensional object. Sometimes, it depends on the size of the project.


For example, you have to print each part of larger projects. Once done, they will assemble it base on the original blueprint. Meanwhile, smaller models are easier to print. It will also take a couple of weeks or months to finish a bigger scale model. On the contrary, you can get the smaller item after a week.


3D Post-Processing Service

Although some printers can do a colored product, it will cost you more. The most common printers are those that print using plastic material. It may not be pleasing enough to be a gift. So you might need to have a post-processed procedure. In this method, designers will paint and enhance the appearance of the model.


This is perfect for consumers’ side as it will make the gift more eye-candy. However, business sides can also enjoy this service. For example, if they want to see the beauty of their product then they request some enhancements.


There are still more things that a 3D printing company can do. As stated, there is no limit to what they can offer.


3D Printer Online Store in the Philippines

If you are a do-it-yourself person and want to have a machine of your own then there are some 3D printers for sale online. But, you have to be careful with the machine to pick as some of them are not user-friendly.

An example of a 3D printer for a beginner is the Snapmaker Original. This is a 3-in-1 printer with powerful features. This a perfect entry-level printer because of its affordable price. The structure is also not intimidating. Aside from 3D printing, you can also do laser engraving and CNC milling.


Another easy-to-use 3D printer is the Flashforge Creator Pro. You can do dual-color printing on this machine. Besides that, it also has less adhesion off materials on its bed. This is a perfect machine for beginners who wants to have a 3D printing business in the future.


From Scanning to Post-Processing: Best Online 3D Printing Services

There are a lot of companies that are offering the aforementioned services. But, usually, they can only do one service. Thus, you have to look for different companies to do the printing, scanning, and printing separately.


With this in mind, 3D2GO is the only end-to-end 3D service provider in the Philippines. We can do everything from scanning to post-processing. Besides that, we also print large projects for industrial businesses.


Besides that, we are also a credited distributor of 3D printers in the Philippines. We can assist you with operating the machine for beginners. There are infinite ways to have fun with your 3D design. Contact us today to inquire about our services.