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Top Three of the Most Sought For 3D Printed Products every KPop or Kdrama Fans Would Love

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KPop and KDrama are considered the most popular trends of today’s generation. Together, they started a revolution in popularizing Korean culture, particularly South Korean culture, worldwide.

But what exactly are KPop and KDrama?

KPop is considered to be a music genre that originates from South Korea that is known to include a great variety of  audiovisual elements in every performance. Although it includes all genres of “popular music” within South Korea, the term is often used in a narrower sense to describe a modern form of South Korean pop music.

KDrama, on the other hand, are televised dramas in miniseries format with distinct features and storylines that differentiates them from other soap operas made elsewhere.

Their rising popularity paved the way for several customized KPop products to be highly prized by fans all over the world, despite the initial difficulties in importing these items from one small far away country.

Now thanks to SLA 3D printing, we can now have these  customized KPop products  without the hassle of traveling to South Korea. In fact, here are top three examples of  3D printed items that every KPop or KDrama fan would love:

1. KPOP INFINITE Signature Silicon Wristbands 3D Printed Bracelet Rubber.

With the popularity of silicon wristbands or bracelets in today’s youth, why not add your favorite KPop band into the mix? Not only will you be able to tout the name of your favorite KPop singers to fellow fans but you can mix them with every outfit since these bracelets can come in every color and design.

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2. 3D Printed KPop and KDrama Idol Action Figure

With the popularity of KPop and KDrama idols, surely it wouldn’t come as a surprise that they would also be available as action figures as well. You can display them in your own room or have them re-enact your favorite KDrama scenes. Either way, your fellow KPop and KDrama fan will be green with envy.

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3. 3D Printed KPop Phone Cases

Your cellphone is definitely an important part of your daily life, so why not add a little KPop or KDrama touch to your favorite mobile device? Since these awesome 3D printed KPop phone cases come in an infinite number of designs and styles, you will surely have no problem picking one that suits your eye for style.

Well, these are the top three 3D printed customized KPop products and KDrama items that any serious fan would love to have.  What do you think? We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions and if you wish to have any one of the above items, don’t forget that 3D2GO is more than happy to make your KPop and KDrama fantasies come true by letting you have one of these items. Just drop by at our website and our friendly 3D printing experts would be happy to help you out.