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Reverse Engineering For Spare Parts And More!

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Do you happen to have an appliance or a favorite gadget that somehow does not work anymore? Or is too old to function? Well, reverse engineering and 3D printing are here to save your day!

For all people who don’t know what reverse engineering, it is the process of deconstructing an object or an appliance to learn how it was made so that it can be replicated or enhanced. It is mostly used by companies to reproduce old products or parts.

However, as the technology improves, not only big corporations can do reverse engineering. Simple hobbyists and individuals can also do it if they have the software, hardware, and a 3D printer to do it. Just like with us, 3D2Go!

How Does Reverse Engineering Work?

This particular service works by having the part or the whole assemble scanned first. Whether the part or the whole appliance is non-critical or very intricate, it will be scanned by our best scanners.

Second, as the object is being scanned, the software being used will collect important data and the image needed for the reproduction. Third, we will 3D print a prototype of the customer’s order and a fitting will be done. After the process, the correct and accurate fit will be installed or placed in the new part.

For example, you have your printer, the regular one, and it somehow has not worked for a while and you do not know why. Reverse engineering can be used to know what is wrong and then it will be corrected after the broken part is replicated through 3D printing.

Another example, for cars, the engine is somehow complicated. For people who aren’t really familiar with it will have a hard time knowing what is wrong and what part needs fixing. When it is scanned and a picture of it is showed on a computer, the broken part will be found. Now, you can 3D print that part.

Difference Between Prototyping And Reverse Engineering?

There is a big difference between the two services. First and foremost, prototyping is when you create a whole new design or product with the use of 3D printing. Meanwhile, reverse engineering is the process of studying that design to replicate or duplicate the part needed or even the whole design. Though both use CAD and other software, the first one is a completely new file while the second one is for improvement and replication.

3D2Go’s Reverse Engineering Service

Here at 3D2GO, we have the state-of-the-art facility needed to replicate and duplicate whatever object or part you are trying to copy. We only give our clients finish products with accuracy formed by high-resolution scanners and 3D printers.

We offer single or an entire product to be reverse engineered. Out of stock and unmanufactured parts can be made again through this service but with better materials and more improved overall parts as an error with the first one will be gone.

Contact us now to try this service!