Professional 3D Scanners At Your Service

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Professional 3D Scanners At Your Service
3D scanning services

Do you know the difference between professional 3D scanners and a phone scanner?  Well, the first one is much better as it has a higher quality than what any other phone can do. It is like comparing your phone camera to an SLR, and we all know the difference between that.

As a 3D printing company that offers end-to-end service, we have high-quality professional 3D scanners that can give you amazing 3D scanned models. We use advanced scanners, which determine its shape. It measures the size and shape of an object accurately. Every detail is caught by the latest laser technology used by our scanners.

The professional 3D scanners we use have the capacity to scan objects as small as a coin and as massive as a vehicle. We can have the file ready in different formats – in .obj and .stil. The scanners we have can capture and store huge data that makes the scanned object as precise and accurate as it can get.

Professional 3D Scanners Available At 3D2GO

We do not only do 3D scanning service but we also offer 3D scanners for sale!

We have Drake and David 3D scanners.  

Drake’s Thor 3D scanner is a portable, wireless 3D scanner that can capture almost any object, large or small. It has three lenses namely Mini, Midi, and Maxi. You can change them according to the object you will scan – from a small jewelry to a big sculpture. Also, it is very small as it is hand-held only.

Another one of our 3D scanners is David’s SL scanning system. Its high-precision and high-speed 3D scanning are super worth it for its unbeatable price.

The innovative DAVID SL scanning system has structured light technology. It makes the scanning process as fast as 10 seconds or less. Though it is not portable like the Drake’s Thor, it is movable. It can be easily placed in front of any surface that needs to be scanned. Just click it one time and the 3D model will appear on to the connected computer or laptop. You need to rotate the object so it will be scanned on all sides. This one has OBJ, STL, PLY formats.

3D scanning is for any industry and or company that need it. It can be for rapid prototyping, inspection, product presentations, archeology and cultural heritage, works of art, computer animations, and video games. The only limit is your imagination!

3D Printing Technology With 3D Scanning

As the 3D printing technology is getting more advanced, the 3D scanning technology is also improving. They almost always go hand in hand as most 3D printed objects need 3D scanners. 3D printed objects come out best when they are 3D scanned first. They are also getting more portable and can scan larger and larger objects.

3D2Go at your service

Contact 3D2GO if you are in need of 3D scanning services. We are always available and ready to offer our scanners anywhere. Also, we have units available for selling!