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Personalized Your Gift So They’ll Remember It Was From You

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Personalized Your Gift So They’ll Remember It Was From You

People give personalized gifts to make sure they fit the recipient’s needs or preferences perfectly. You don’t want to give an expensive shirt that doesn’t fit right or anything the recipient may find no use for. That is why it is best to know what they want before you even start planning on what to purchase.

In a wedding, for example, a couple needs necessities like beddings and household appliances. But what if you decided to give them a comforter, only to find out later that they already have one? The best thing to do is to ask the couple what they need and want. Otherwise, your gift may just turn out be useless. And remember, you allotted good money to purchase it.

Such mistake is prevalent in weddings, especially here in the Philippines. Filipinos tend to give the usual wedding gifts like flat irons and punch bowls. Sure it’s the thought that counts. But imagine the disgust on the faces of the newlyweds after finding out that they received four flat irons. Seriously, it almost feels like a local Christmas party where everyone brought doughnuts.

So, when you know that people give the same presents over and over again especially on an occasion as momentous as a wedding, it’s time to think things over. 

Uniqueness and Customization, Along With Heart, Go a Long Way

If you are someone who likes giving personalized gifts, allow us to give you a pat on the back. The fact that you put time and effort into thinking of the perfect gift only means you value the person or couple. That or you are just a thoughtful individual who likes putting a smile on people’s faces.

When you give a personalized gift, your effort is appreciated even more. The recipient will remember you whether or not they use your present often. Truly, you cannot deny the fact that it’s the personalized gifts that make the biggest impact.

With a little help from the experts at 3D2Go, you can give the most meaningful personalized wedding gift to the delight of the newlyweds. Just be sure you know if they fancy a specific style, size, or color. As newlyweds, they may have a small space so that is one thing to you also need to consider. That light-colored pillowcase you have in mind may not go well with the design pattern of their living room. Below are a few wedding gift ideas the Philippines will love.

Bookshelf – When both of them love to read, a 3D printed bookshelf should be the top of your list!

Source: Pinterest -trendhunter

Pillows – Maybe with the couple’s favorite musicians or their own faces printed on them

Picnic Backpack – Comes in handy for a weekend getaway

“Wedding” Clock – Perhaps with some sweet thoughts written in it (Well, marriage is a test of time!)

Source: microfabricator

Wall Art – Everybody loves some good wall art

Breakfast Bed Tray – Make their mornings even more exciting with 3D printed tray

Source: pinshape

Beer/Wine Holder – Talk about giving something connected to their passion

Lamp Shade – Really, how can you go wrong with a cool-looking 3D printed lamp shade?

Source: shapeways

Keepsake – Why not?

If you are planning to go to a wedding and in need of a gift, just contact us and we’ll provide a memorable gift for you!