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Moon Lamp, Cups, And 10 More Fun Items You Can 3D Print!

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Moon Lamp, Cups, And 10 More Fun Items You Can 3D Print!
Moon Lamp, Cups, And 10 More Fun Items You Can 3D Print!

Are you looking for a 3D project to spend your time on during the quarantine?

3D printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a groundbreaking technology that people are now exploring.

3D printing, in a nutshell, is the process of making three-dimensional objects from a digital file.

In this article, we will show you fun items you can create using AM, and where you can print them.


12 Fun Items You Can 3D Print

The possibilities of 3D printing are endless. However, not all people realize what this technology can do. 3D printing can both satisfy your needs and aesthetics, given that everything from measurement to design is correct. 

So, here are some fun items you can print right now that are both useful and appealing to the eye. 

1. 3D Moon Lamp

A moon light ball is an eye-catching object for your nightstand. It is also the perfect piece of furniture for setting the mood in your bedroom.

A moon light lamp follows the principle of a lithophane. But once you turn on the light switch, you will see, instead, the surface of the moon. 

3D printing is perfect for creating the best moon light because it allows you to design it yourself. You can have your name printed on it or even your face. It is the perfect project for space lovers.

2. 3D Printed Cups

Cups are a day-to-day item that we use. Whether it’s for coffee or tea, cups have become a part of our routine.

So why not reward yourself or your loved one with a personalized cup? Not mundane and ordinary cups with your name printed on them, but unique-looking cups that can make you stand out among the rest.

Our 3D printing services can create spectacular cups for you. Just tell us what design you envision, and we’ll make it happen. Just be sure to personalize it to make it worthwhile.

3. 3D Printed Book Stand

Lots of  people nowadays are reading via e-books. There are still a lot of bookworms who love reading physical books.

So if you are among the many others who prefer real books, a personalized book holder or book stand is probably the best project for you.

Why? Because it is something that you can use every day. With 3D printing, you can design a book holder or bookstand that represents who you are. 

Plus, the material we use for 3D printing is lightweight. So it’s easy to carry around, everywhere.

4. 3D Keyholders

There is nothing more revolutionary than keyholders. It’s a useful day-to-day item that prevents people from losing their keys.

It’s also a neat item to keep everything organized even during busy days. So why not make it at least a fun piece of furniture in your house?

You can 3D print any design of your wish to spice up your old keyholders. You can personalize it to make it look like it comes from your favorite movie franchise.

5. 3D Wallet

Finding the perfect item for yourself is a challenging task. There are plenty of things to consider, such as your hobbies, personalities, likes, and dislikes.

However, one go-to project for many people is a wallet. Since all wallets are the same, why not mix it up a little.  

Wallets are an essential item for many reasons. It provides an extra pocket to store money, credit cards, and identifications.

Why not create a personalized 3D wallet where you can store more valuables like your phone or pieces of jewelry. It is a nice way to explore Additive Manufacturing’s capabilities and to benefit from its advantages.

6. 3D Kitchen Containers

Despite being the most useful item in the kitchen, containers are tricky.

They can look high-end, but in reality, they are poor-quality. Some even look small until you realize that it already takes up most of your cabinets. Sometimes the lids are also impossible to find, adding up to the frustration of owning one.

For those people who love their kitchen so much, we suggest 3D printing kitchen containers.

Create a design that you would love and that will fit your personality. The benefit of 3D printing kitchen containers is that you control everything. 

Do you want to have a more secure container seal? Do you want containers you can stack up? Or you want to make the jars look bigger or smaller? Anything is possible.

7. 3D Printed Phone Holder/Tablet Stand

Creativity is not only applicable to big appliances or pieces of furniture. It can also come from small items like a phone holder or tablet stand.

Although, these items can cost a little more than usual. But if we weigh in function, durability, and design, it’s a total win. 

Sometimes the tiniest items make a big impression.

8. 3D Prosthetics

It is tempting to think that 3D printed prosthetics are not as good as conventional prosthetics. But that is wrong.

3D printed prosthetic’s greatest strength is comfort. AM allows you to choose the measurement that is comfortable with you. 

In other terms, you can easily customize 3D-printed prosthetics to suit the owner’s needs. We can also help you design different sockets with different designs.

We can assist you in creating a 3D prosthetic based on specific activity use, such as biking or playing the piano.

9. Bobblehead

A Bobblehead is a figurine in which the head is generally oversized compared to its body. 

This item is perfect for gift-giving as it gives you the chance to give your special someone a miniature version of himself/herself. 

We can help you create a bobblehead version of anybody with 3D printing. Our 3D services also involve sanding and coloring. You can guarantee a high-quality product by the end.

10. 3D Printed Clock

With our devices always on our hands, clocks are becoming old-school appliances.

But it does not have to be.

Clocks are one of the most useful items in years. Everyone looks at the time either purposely and subconsciously. So why not twist it up and make it the most appealing household item?

3D printing can help you make and design a clock that you want. Just shoot us a message, and we will make it happen.

11. 3D Printed Vase

There are plenty of vase designs out there. But most of them all miss out on the point of why you need to design a vase in the first place.

We design things not only to make them cool but to make them ours. Our design reflects who we are. And if our vase decorations are boring, then that means we are boring as well.

You can contact us to help you create a flower vase with your design. The vase is also the perfect gift to give with a colorful bouquet.

12. Cake Toppers

A cake topper is a fun and easy way to celebrate and symbolize a milestone in your life. You can use it for your personalized wedding cake or birthday cake.

With 3D printing, you can explore your hidden artistic talent. You can choose any designs that best represent yourself and have us 3D print them.


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