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How Much is a 3D Scan Service in the Philippines?

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How Much is a 3D Scan Service in the Philippines?
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Here’s your quick guide on how much is a 3D Scan Service in the Philippines.

Wondering how much is a 3D scan service in the Philippines? Find out below.


The three-dimensional technology has been helping various industries for several years now. Services from scanning to printing became a commodity as it can replicate everything that our eyes can capture.


For scanning, there’s actually no limit at how large you want to capture. There are scanners that can convert large buildings into software images. 


Meanwhile, some can capture microscopic objects like the Metron Macro 3D scanner. It shows how versatile this technology is. Considering that it continuously improves over a period of time.


In some companies, scanning service usually starts at ₱ 5,000 depending on the size of the item you want to scan. 


These might be a bit pricey for some but a valuable service for businesses planning to mass produce any product. They can store the scanned item into their computer and use it whenever they need to print the model.


However, if you want to use a scanning service anytime you want without paying extra. You should consider investing in your own 3D scanner. Let’s check some 3D scanner cameras available in the market.

List of 3D Scanner Camera Price


  • SOL 3D Scanner


Estimated Price: ₱33,559.34

This is one of the lightest scanners available at around 7 pounds. The scanner is so portable that you can actually put in a desktop.


Despite its light features, SOLD 3D Scanner can scan an object that weighs up to 2kg. Its design is perfect to scan small but detailed items. Accuracy is also great for the price of the scanner.



  • Matter and Form V2


Estimated Price: ₱35,959.86

Matter and Form V2 has 2 lasers and a sensor that captures HD full-color 3D scans. 


It is one of the most affordable scanners with this kind of feature as the usual price for 2 laser scanners is around ₱100,000.00.


The machine is also compatible with different operating systems like MacOS or Windows. Meaning you can use it anywhere with just using your own laptop.



  • HP Z 3D Camera Scanner


Estimated Price: ₱25,877.66

This is an easy-to-use camera scanner manufactured by HP. All you need to do is mount the camera in your computer and put the object in front of it. 


Once done, you have to rotate the object so the camera can capture the overall image. It weighs only 1.2lbs and you can set this up at any computer available.


  • CALIBRY Handheld 3D Scanner


Estimated Price: ₱290,882.07

This is an industry grade handheld 3D scanner that can capture medium-sized to a very large-sized object. You can capture small objects from 20cm to 10cm. 


Furthermore, it is also perfect for human scanning since it can scan some hard to capture parts like human hair. This is a perfect scanner if you want to start a 3D printing business.


  • David SLS-2


Estimated Price:  ₱157,234.39

David SLS-2 scanner is a popular choice for sectors who need a rapid prototyping of 3D printing service. You can format the scanned object to any common 3D file formats like OBJ and STL. 


On top of that, this scanner is perfect for any reverse engineering projects. Some industries using this are computer animation and archaeological restorations.


What are the Applications of a 3D Digital Scanner?

3D scanning service offers a wide range of applications in different industries. Let’s check some of it:


3D scanning is becoming a relevant learning tool for universities around the world. They’re using it to work in digital arts and create unique 3D models.


Besides that, they can also teach students to work in any 3D CAD modeling software. This is mostly applicable for engineering and architecture students.


However, a 3D digital scanner is also useful for students in the film industry. Those aiming on creating animated motion pictures can use this to capture human movements and apply it on their animation.


There’s a lot of useful applications for 3D scanners in the education sector. Universities and colleges should consider getting at least one scanning machine in order to expose their students to modern technology.

Architecture and Engineering

Access to a scanning service allows architecture to further analyze any infrastructure. They can create an identical scale model of the building and present it to the project heads.


It is also easier to do an architectural survey accurately since there are a lot of 3D scanners that can cover larger dimensions of buildings. Architecture can modify the design using any CAD software and check if it is feasible during construction.


Since scanning the whole area is also much faster, you can also reduce the duration of any construction project. It creates a whole lot of opportunities to do more projects in a short period of time.


Engineers can also evaluate the proper material they will use in the infrastructure they’re working on. On top of that, a 3D scanner is also valuable for the renovation of buildings as you can easily see any damage from its foundation.


3D scanning service has been an increasingly important tool for artists and historians. Like scanning of artifacts to duplicate and produce 3D printing versions to be displayed in museums and art shows.


The public can see and appreciate all the artworks from different eras without risking the quality of the original item. 


They can study the cultural heritage of different civilizations while preserving the rich history of each object they recovered.


Using 3D scanning, historians can recreate any missing parts of different species too. Archeologists use 3D technology to fill any missing bones from a million-year old fossil.


Also, artists right now are more inclined in using digital software to their work. It’ll be easier since computer applications have a user-interface that will make any art project more precise with their designs.

Medicine Heath

Doctors and medical practitioners can easily detect any abnormalities in the human body using a 3D scanning technology. It allows them to recreate any parts of the body whilst finding a cure for illnesses.


Some surgeons also use 3D scanners to capture any internal organs such as heart and liver. They will use this information to analyze any sickness and compare it with a normal functioning organ.


3D scanning can also help in manufacturing prosthetics for amputees. They can accurately capture the appropriate dimension of the prosthetics by scanning the missing human body. It’ll be more efficient and can reduce any risk of errors in measurement.


Best 3D Scanner in the Philippines and Where Can You Find It?

When looking for a company that can provide you with a 3D Printing Service, make sure that they can do it all for you. It is more convenient that the service provider can scan, print, and post-process your 3D printed object.


That’s why 3D2GO is the best end-to-end three-dimensional service provider in the Philippines. We offer several 3D-related assistance for different industries like the engineering and construction sector. 


We are also one of the official distributors of some 3D-related machines like printers and scanners.


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