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How Much is a 3D Scan Machine in the Philippines?

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How Much is a 3D Scan Machine in the Philippines?
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Here’s your quick guide if you want to know how much is a 3D scan machine.

Some of you might be thinking, “How much is a 3D scan machine?”. There are a lot of scanners available right now depending on the usage. All you need is a good supplier of a reliable three-dimensional scanner.


In this article, we will discuss the prices of these scanners and which one is best for your industry.


Before we provide the actual prices, let’s talk first about the types of scanners available in the market:

Laser-based 3D Scanners

This is the perfect scanner for beginners starting to familiarize themselves with the 3D industry. This device uses a process called trigonometric triangulation to capture a shape with the help of millions of points.


The last will project a laser line to the object and capture its reflection using sensors. Some of the benefits of using these scanners is that it can scan any surface. Besides that, it is not light sensitive and can scan anything at a normal room light.


It is also portable which is great if you want to scan anywhere. The design is simple to understand and most of all it is affordable. You might want to start with laser-based 3D scanners if you want to pursue this venture.

Projected or Structured Light 3D Scanners

Just like laser-based scanners, this device uses light to capture the image of an object. It projects white light patterns consisting of bars and other shapes into the item as it captures the 3D image.


The main advantage of using projected light scanners is it’s fast scan time. You only need at least 2 seconds to capture an image. Aside from that, it can also capture large objects up to 48 inches in just a single scan.


You can also capture an accurate and high resolution image as high as 16 million point per scan and 16-micron point spacing.

Medium and Long-Range 3D Scanners

This type of 3D scanner is perfect if you want to capture a large area. Basically it uses a specialized drone or aircraft with a camera that rotates 360 degrees. It captures the image as the light bounces to the ground.


Many industries like military and infrastructure sectors prefer this to produce larger items like tank or building prototypes. This machine can scan millions of points in a single scan. Thus, you can use this to capture a large area of more than 1000 sq. meters.


It is also safe since you don’t need to physically control the scanner. All you need is a computer program or remote control and you’re good to go.


Although it doesn’t involve any sophisticated scanners, you can also use this for convenience purposes. All you need to do is to take a picture of the item you want to scan from different sides. You can use any camera or even a smartphone.


Once done, a special software will combine all the pictures to create a 3D representation of the object. It identifies the pixels based on the same physical point and stitches pictures together.


Although it is convenient, you still need to input some parameters like the focal length and some settings of the camera to incorporate the size of the object. The only downside of using the method is that it takes time to run the pictures in the software.


The data is also highly sensitive and end results will depend on the quality of the photos.

3D Scanner Camera Price in the Market

Now that we know the types of 3D scanners, let’s proceed now with the top scanning tools and it’s pricing. Take note that we converted some of the prices in Philippine peso.



  • SOL 3D Scanner


Estimated Price: ₱33,559.34

This is a desktop laser scanner weighed at around 7 pounds. However, it can scan objects that weigh up to 2kg. Its design is perfect to scan small but detailed items. Accuracy is also great for the price of the scanner.


  • Matter and Form V2


Estimated Price: ₱35,959.86

This is one of the most affordable scanners that has 2 lasers and a sensor that produces HD full-color 3D Scans. You can easily connect this scanner with your computer using different OS like Mac or Windows. Most of all, it is also foldable so you can bring this anywhere.


  • HP Z 3D Camera Scanner


Estimated Price: ₱25,877.66

This is an easy-to-use camera scanner manufactured by HP. All you need to do is mount the camera in your computer and put the object in front of it. Once done, you have to rotate the object so the camera can capture the overall image. It weighs only 1.2lbs and you can set this up at any computer available.


  • CALIBRY Handheld 3D Scanner


Estimated Price: ₱290,882.07

This is an industry grade handheld 3D scanner that can capture medium-sized to a very large-sized object. You can capture small objects from 20cm to 10cm. On top of that, it is also perfect for human scanning since it can scan some hard to capture parts like human hair. This is a perfect scanner if you want to start a 3D printing business.


  • David SLS-2


Estimated Price:  ₱157,234.39

David SLS-2 scanner is a popular choice for sectors who need a rapid prototyping of 3D printing service. You can format the scanned object to any common 3D file formats like OBJ and STL. On top of that, this scanner is perfect for any reverse engineering projects. Some industries using this are computer animation and archaeological restorations.


Best 3D Scanner for Beginners

Depending on the purpose, there are various 3D scanners perfect for you.


For personal projects such as furniture scanning, we recommend using more affordable and lightweight scanners like SOL 3D scanners. But then again, there’s no sense buying affordable scanners with limited functions if you can already use your smartphones.


Instead, you can try CALIBRY Handheld 3D Scanner or David SLS-2. Although a bit more pricey, you can immerse yourself with industry grade scanners which you can use if you want to start a business.


It is a good business considering the advancement of technologies nowadays. This type of scanners can guarantee longer usage compared to more affordable but least useful 3D scanners.


3D Digital Scanner Provider in the Philippines


When looking for a company that can provide you with a 3D Printing Service, make sure that they can do it all for you. It is more convenient that the service provider can scan, print, and post-process your 3D printed object.


That’s why 3D2GO is the best end-to-end three-dimensional service provider in the Philippines. We offer several 3D-related assistance for different industries like the engineering and construction sector. 


We are also one of the official distributors of some 3D-related machines like printers and scanners.


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