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3D printing technology has been present since the 80s. There have been tons of forecasts and predictions as to what will happen to it in the future. There are those that did come true and there are those who are still far-fetched from happening.

This year, we are listing the things that we think is achievable and will easily happen.

3D Printing in 2019

It was predicted in the early 2000s that 3D printers would be a common sighting in every household. However, it did not happen. There are still few people who are interested in 3D printing. Also, even though they may be interested, hobbyists might find it hard to operate one.

An alternative and unexpected thing occurred instead of that. The manufacturing industry saw the potential of 3D printing and it is now being used by the said industry. Not just in prototyping but the production of spare parts and other important machinery.

We predict that it will even grow further just like what Mic-tec said “Industry analysts across the board are predicting meteoric rises in total sales of printers, revenue, and potential applications by 2020. The rise of 3D printing as a solution for manufacturing companies will play a huge role in this projected growth.”

Another achievable expectation is the growth of 3D printer revenue and sales. As there will be less expensive 3D printers available for the consumers, Fabbaloo predicted that the market will grow and will reach $23 billion after four years.

According to Materialise, metal 3D printing was the IT or the trend last year. This year, the focus will shift to more plastic filaments or other types of polymers. As companies are using it and utilizing these polymers for their production, it looks like it is really going to happen. However, metal will still have its fair share in the market.

Just like the past years, 3D printing will focus on applications. Many 3D printing companies believe that as new technologies are created, the purpose of those has changed. They are not created just to be new or have a little help to any industry. They are created with a specific purpose in mind. Just like printers that are made to print bridges and houses.

Because of that many other industries are looking at 3D printing. Last year, it was the manufacturing industry. This year, some expert predicted that the government will be more involve with 3D printing technology.

3D Printing in the Philippines

All these predictions and expectations are most likely to happen in the west. As for the Philippines, we think that more people will be aware of 3D printing. More people will also own 3D printers as there are cheaper 3D printers available online. Additionally, there will be more people who will study 3D technology.

For 3D2GO, we are hoping to spread more awareness about 3D printing technology. We are also aiming to help more people with this technology. As for our 3D printing services, we will do our best to broaden them and accommodate more of our customers.

For inquiries and questions regarding it, and other 3D printing related things, you may contact us!