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Embellish Your Home With 3D-Printed Home Decor

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Embellish Your Home With 3D-Printed Home Decor
3D printed home essentials

Home design relies so much on the details. Or at least it should. We at 3D2G0 are no interior design geniuses but we believe it is good practice to never underestimate the smallest details because they are what define the bigger picture. Whether you are going for the high-low design or combining your two favorite styles, make sure the ideas come together.

In addition, you can purchase some stylish decor to adorn your home. You may have something as simple as a vase or as complex as the most intricately designed furniture. Of course, you can opt to go the DIY route and take pride in the decor you created. In that case, you can always rely on 3D printing.

No matter your choice, be sure it is aligned with your home’s theme. Otherwise, the entire house may look like a mess.

Here are some 3D printing home decor projects for your reference:

Self-Watering Planter

self watering planter

Source: SolidSmack

Hit two birds with one stone when you put self-watering planters in your home. Apart from being a nice ornament, a self-watering planter takes care of your flora. It has an inner pot which holds the plant and soil as well as an outer pot which holds extra water.

Pen Holder

3D printed pen holder

Source: Thingiverse

Customize your pen holder so it says something about your personality. If you are into basketball, you can have a pen holder the shape of a ball. In the same way, you can have a miniature mic stand if you are heavily into music.


3D printed lamp

Source: cults3d

When thinking of a home decor, you want something that is eye-catching. It is, after all, meant to decorate a space. Trust us when we say that you can’t go wrong with a lamp. Have one printed in two parts and add any available light bulb and power cord. We suggest getting a tile lamp!


3d printed sculptures

Source: Chatta Art Prints

A beautiful sculpture lying around the house never fails to attract attention. With 3D printing, you can bring to life the most elaborate sculpture you have seen.


3D printed heart bowl

Source: pinterest

Bowls aren’t just meant for the kitchen. You can have bowls that serve as regular containers and even as home decor. In fact, they are versatile decorations that are sure to add depth to your home’s design theme.


3D printed table

Victoria and Albert Museum

There is an abundance of design ideas for furniture like tables and chairs. You can opt for a minimalist design or something more visually appealing like a geometric design. Or, get something that would show your personality.


Board Game

3D printed board game

Source: all3dp

Ever been to a park or restaurant that uses a chessboard — complete with chess pieces — as decor? You can do the same in your home! If you wish, you can have home decor inspired by other popular board games like Monopoly or Game of the Generals.

If you feel like you want one of these, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll make anything for you!