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Create Toys Easily with 3D Modeling and 3D Printing

Golden fire roosters figurines
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Create Toys Easily with 3D Modeling and 3D Printing
Golden fire roosters figurines

Creating your own action figure through 3D modeling is now a reality for early amateur toy designers and hobbyists. Despite the fact that the cost and quality of toys you can print doesn’t yet come close to the one that can be found in your local ToyKingdom or comic specialty shops, the technology is developing rapidly. It is possible that  3D printing toys may become the way many kids toys are produced in future.

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Young people, as well as the young at heart, love stuff that’s unique or personalized. They love being involved in the design process. Some specialty shops now specialize in making personalized action figures as novelty items.

With 3D modeling and printing, it should be possible for more people to be able to design toys.  While it’s a given that many people may have had a cool idea for a toy, but it’s been too much work to bring it to market in the past.

What if you just had to create the design and make it available?

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3D modeling and printing helps makes this dream a reality.

Commercial 3D printing technologies are further along and the industry is seeing an injection of funding that should progress these issues nicely. I think the current additive approach is just a first step.

Mass adoption will also bring costs down. And in theory it should be cheaper to produce and ship simple plastic filament (or other raw material) in bulk rather than building supply chains for lots of different toys.

Lots of traditional toy manufacturers are still reeling from the success of gadgets which have displaced a lot of toy purchases – they’re now busy designing ‘app-based’ toys to piggy-back on the success of tablets. Next they’re going to have to cope with the move to home manufacturing.

If they get this right then they’ll be able to hugely simplify their businesses. The focus will move to digital designs and marketing them, rather than building supply chains for physical products.

What will happen if people can just print toys from their favorite TV and movie characters? This is something kids absolutely want to do when they get access to a 3D printer.

Now of course the big brands will be very nervous about this. Here’s hoping they deal with it the right way rather than trying to lock things down. These brands will want a lot of quality control in place to protect their brands. They’ll need to put measures in place to vet designs for approval.

The brands that get this right will survive into the 3D toy future. Those that don’t will get left behind.

Also, we’re increasingly seeing toys that integrate current technology. It is a strong possibility that this will be a part of 3D printing in future.

The toy company, Lego have already pioneered this by including electronics that can be added to some of their special builder kits. This addition gives some Lego structures sound effects, lights, screens, motors and  etc.

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