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September 1, 2015
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June 8, 2016

Chinatown TV’s Halloween Special Episode last month featured a lot of very interesting segments such as ghost sightings, creepy stories, haunted places, trick or treat stuff, and 3D printing! Yes, they did have a segment featuring 3D printing and 3D2Go 3D Printing Services Philippines since Halloween costumes and accessories were part of the topics discussed. And apparently, most of these can be 3D printed. Talk about the endless possibilities of this tech!

Morgan Say, one of the cool hosts of the TV show, was the man in charge for this segment. He had a Q&A session with the President and Founder of My3D Concepts / 3D2Go Philippines, Engr. Fred Chua.  Check out the clip below and watch the segment of Chinatown TV featuring 3D2Go Philippines!