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August 3, 2018
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Can you imagine yourself missing a body part?


Of course, it is so hard that even the mere thought of losing a body part can immediately make us cringe.

However, some people are not as lucky as us. There are those who were born with a birth deformity, has been involved in an accident, or was amputated because of a disease (e.g., diabetes). If we will try to put ourselves in their shoes, living would surely be difficult because there will be a limit to our every movement.

Good thing, it does not mean the world will end for them because of the various advancements like the creation of an advanced bionic arm.

What is an advanced bionic arm?

A product of scientific intelligence, a bionic arm is designed to function like a real human arm. It uses the concept of robotics, biotechnology, and electronics. Because it functions like a real one, several people from various places have regained their hope and control in life.

Basically, an advanced bionic arm is like the upgraded version of prosthetics. Grounded in science, it can help a person control the movements of the alternative new arm using his or her thoughts. How is this possible? It is through the help of the motor cortex in the brain that continues to send out control signals despite the inability of voluntary muscles to take controls. An amputee still has some of the nerves necessary to carry out signals to the limb. Through the combined action of science and technology, nerves can be rerouted.

The process is, of course, painstaking. The current condition of the patient is one of the biggest factors that is needed to consider. This would guarantee that the advanced bionic arm will perfectly fit the patient.

3D printing enters the picture

We all know that the possibilities with 3D printing are almost endless. This groundbreaking technology offers an easier, faster, and cheaper way of producing advanced bionic arm that will give hope to more people. Additionally, a 3D printed bionic arm is also lighter compared to the original one.

While not as expensive as other bionic arms, a 3D printed one can be just as effective. While it uses the 3D printing technology, it still follows the original concept of making a bionic arm. Today, researchers are still working on it to make the 3D printed advanced bionic arm function perfectly.

The beauty of advanced bionic arm

The beauty of an advanced bionic arm lies not on the science, the technology, and the researchers behind. Its real beauty can be seen on the smiles drawn on the faces of its recipient, which signifies that a new and bright day is waiting ahead of them.

It does not matter if their new limb is real or not because what matters the most is how genuine the new memories they can create with their loved ones using those limbs. Most importantly, their stories will surely become an inspiration to many people — amputee or not.

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