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8 Customized Figurines Philippines Ideas You Should Try

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8 Customized Figurines Philippines Ideas You Should Try
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Looking for a way to make your figurines stand out? Try one of these Customized Figurines Philippines ideas!

People can link different aspects of their lives, such as their lifestyle, to products through personalization. To put it another way, a personalized product allows people to express who they are and what they believe.

Hence, personalization (or customization) plays a vital role in expression.

On the other hand, figurines are used by artists to aesthetically define their likes, hobbies, and personalities. It is a medium of style and expression that is very accessible to the public.

So if you are looking to spice up your room or you just want to express yourself creatively, here are customized figurine ideas you should try!


8 Customized Figurines Ideas

Don’t settle on the same old things you can buy in a shop. Be flamboyant, be unique and be who you are!

With 3D printing, you can easily allow yourself to be different.

So here are 8 3D printing project ideas we think that will allow you to express yourself creatively.


1. Mini Me Figurine Philippines

Mini me is a unique personalised figurine for everyone, a wonderful and unique gift that will last for a lifetime.

It’s usually made of clay and is completely handcrafted; but now 3D printing is used to produce high-quality mini me products. 

The process remains the same, all you have to do is send a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face, and you can choose or define your own appearance with separate photos or a template. Then, the shop will take care of the rest.

People also use it as wedding cake toppers to make their wedding cakes stand out and catch the eye.


2. Caricature Dolls Philippines

Caricature Dolls are like Mini Me Figurines, but with a more exaggerated head.

Caricatures are a way of enhancing a person’s basic essence by creating an intriguing version of them with a dash of humor. 

The entertaining and absurd look of the doll brings friends and family together. 

Nevertheless, caricatures work best when they are used to compliment a person’s style and face. That is why artists often use it to amuse people.

Most often, or not, people are unable to distinguish the difference between caricatures and cartoons.

A cartoon is a simplified illustration with a whimsical, quick style. Anything, whether it’s a person, an animal, or scenery, can be drawn as a cartoon. 

A caricature is a drawing of a person done in an exaggerated style to emphasize their distinguishing features.

3D printing a caricature doll will open your doors to possibilities as you can customize it in whatever form you want.


3. Customized Bobblehead Philippines

Bobbleheads, also known as head knockers, nodders, bobbing head dolls, and wobblers, are dolls with oversized heads that have been customized. A spring connects the heads to the body, causing them to bobble when tapped. 

In relation to their figure, they have earned the name bobblehead due to their wobbling effect. 

Celebrities, team mascots, politicians, cartoons, musicians, athletes, sports stars, cooks, doctors, and police are among the subjects represented by the bobbleheads, which are collectible miniature dolls.

The real reason for the bobbleheads’ popularity is their form and entertaining wobbling. The realistic appearances, as well as the fact that they outlast figurines, are appeals to buyers as well. 

The bobbleheads’ whimsical nature has made them a valuable collection for doll collectors.

With the help of 3D printing, bobblehead production is now easy and cost-effective.


4. Turn Children Drawings to 3D Printed Figurines

Channel the inner Michael Angelo in your kid by turning their drawings into beautiful 3D printed figurines.

3D2Go can help your child’s drawing into a reality with its talented 3D modelers and powerful 3D printers. 

Although there are some restrictions on the types of drawings that can be printed, workarounds will be found. Even if you are raising a budding abstract expressionist, there is always a way to print it.

Even more so, letting your child see their art get displayed around your house will encourage them to be more creative and artistic. Art is important for childhood development. It’s also a huge confidence boost.


  1. 3D Printed Vase

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in this case, almost everyone will find any 3D printed housewares, especially flower vases to be stunning. 

The vase is a beautiful piece made from plastic feed that was 3D printed. 

Since it is made from a 3D printer, you can personalize the frame/structure in any way you want. 

These types of vases are usually sturdy, and you can pick the color you think best complements the vase’s lovely structure, depending on your preferences. 

It’s simple look and design makes it a home decor item. Plus it is environmentally friendly.


6. Figurines of Special Landmarks

Landmarks are great, they can shape environments simply by existing. 

For orientation, wayfinding, and communication, they serve as cognitive anchors, markers, or reference points. 

They appear in our sketches, descriptions of meeting points or routes, and tourist brochures as notable environmental objects.

In essence, landmarks help us remember where we came from and what we did when we were there. It acts as a symbol of fun and joy, while for some it can be an emblem of their love and appreciation to someone.

It’s different to all of us. But one thing is the same, keeping at least a small replica of a special landmark is important.

With 3D printing, that is possible.

3D Printers are so complex that they can even print landmarks as complicated as the Eiffel Tower. All it needs are pictures and that’s it.


7. Unique Animal Figurines

From majestic lions and stately elephants to whimsical pigs and adorable kittens, there are plenty of collectible animal figurines to choose from. 

Collecting figurines of your favorite animal, whether it’s jungle wildlife, a specific dog breed, or miniature bears, is a family-friendly hobby.

But it can be costly. Generally, the prices of animal figurines range from several thousand to hundred thousand pesos. 

Many lucky collectors have discovered a lovely addition to their collection for less than a thousand pesos at a yard sale. But wasting your time scouring the plethora of animal figurines per shop is counterproductive.

So we suggest 3D printing instead.

3D printing can create whatever animal you need for your collection. From a rare kinkajou to a common dove, 3D can do it for you fast and cheap.


8. 2D Figurines

Not only that 3D printers can create three-dimensional objects, it can also do 2D figurines.

If you need space saving figurines, 2D is for you. Think refrigerator magnets and plaques. Like 3D figurines, you can customize it in whatever form and aesthetic you want. 

Most people prefer to put their faces on top of superhero costumes. While others just print out dedications for their loved ones. Either way, both are equally special and meaningful.


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